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Henry bucks sale? had my eye on it.
Can someone give me the cliff notes of all that?
FYI Uniqlo currently have their merino cardigans $20 off for $39.90. Unlike some I have never had any pilling issues with their knits. http://www.uniqlo.com/au/store/efm-v-neck-cardigan-1261320028.html
Hi Luxire - any experience washing this yet?Does it fade/bleed/shrink much?Thanks
From all my research: barathea silk, satin silk and grosgrain are all acceptable facings.Satin is the "flashiest" due to its shine, then barathea, then grosgrain which is almost matte.You *should* match your bowtie, cummerbund/vest, strip down side of pants, and buttons and facings to all the same. Not that anyone would really notice I'd think.So my Oscar Hunt tux has satin facings and buttons, and I have a satin cummerbund, and so I now need a satin bow tie, but...
Thanks Henry - when you get a chance could you tell me the width at the widest point? Cheers
Any suggestions on where I can buy a black, self tie, satin, diamond tip bow tie of good proportions (ie not skinny) at short notice and a reasonable price? Need it by next Friday, so an on-line local source would be fine. I bought a lovely one from Darcy Clothing, but unfortunately didn't realise that it'd be barathea as opposed to satin (if anyone is interested I could probably sell it at a very good price as opposed to shipping it back).
I ordered a long sleeve polo/popover hybrid from Luxire recently (really it's a popover made out of pique since it has a BD collar and pocket, but with a split polo style straight hem). It looks excellent, if I do say so myself, and the construction is top notch as usual. Why go anywhere else?
Yes I know, thanks. As I said the problem is that they never seem to make the MTO boots on one of the narrower lasts like the New Rey or Olfe. A stylistic thing I guess
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