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Would indeed be interested thanks
Thanks. When you say down one width, I presume you mean going wider?
Can anyone give me some guidance on converting my 5-65 last size (10.5C) to a 79 last (Randolph) or 606 last (Patriot) size? Both in cordovan if that makes a difference. I'll wear them with loafer socks. Would also appreciate any general comments on those two lasts/shoes in terms of fit quirks. I've read that the Randolph has a narrow heel, for example.
Any chance someone else from Melb is ordering from the Allen Edmonds RDA sale? If so maybe we could share shipping.
A pox on those camera companies who use proprietary USB charging cables. On another note, I'm considering ordering a short sleeved shirt from Luxire for summer. Other than a singlet, I don't think there can be any debate that it's the coolest thing to wear on the hottest summer days. But how to make it up without looking like you're a hipster or someone from the IT crowd? Collar? BD/spread/hidden BD Sleeve cuffs? Normal /rolled/tailored cuffs Hem? Scalloped/polo hem I...
No it's not - and I don't want to know. I am certainly jealous though. You've acquired quite the wardrobe in the last ~12 months.
Foxhound not that it's any of my business, but I do wonder where all your funds come from sometimes. I think you have made more new purchase than anyone on here in the last 12 months!
The knitwear on that A & S site is stupid expensive. 200 pounds for a cotton sweater? http://shop.anderson-sheppard.co.uk/knitwear/show/all
Thanks, yeah I know. Personally I am happy that it's a little shorter. A lot more versatile/practical that way. Because, really, who tucks in their pants like that... Less of a scottish-highlands look.
Would there be any support for an MTO make up similar to this?Thinking Dalton with brown grain leather, speed hooks for top 3 holes.
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