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As far as I'm concerned, a business has a right to choose their customers.
Fair enough. Everyone should be aware of this, though: http://custom.luxire.com/products/prepay-for-shipping-an-item-to-us
Luxire do make mistakes sometimes, and I'm sorry that this happened in your case. But if you order from Luxire, and they make a mistake, you wear the cost of shipping back to them for a remake. That's been the contract we enter into with them from day 1. Some of the things you're complaining about are semantics/matters of interpretation anyway. And why you'd ever attempt to ship something to India without tracking or insurance, I don't know. That's just daft. It almost...
Why use it when there's Shipito...?
I'm with Foxhound on this. I don't really like the shirt tail peaking out from under a knit look at all. Kind of looks sloppy. If I wear a knit, I tuck my shirt in. Might be a bit different if the shirt had a polo hem.
IMO given your stayed requirements your best bet are TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt.
Matt, i'll come off like a bit of a dick here so I apologise in advance. I don't wish to offend, just being frank: Firstly, you've dug your own hole by not using tracking to India. That wasn't very smart. Did you get insurance? I assume not as I don't think you can get insurance without tracking. Secondly, Luxire have a pre pay fed ex option to send things to them that is very reasonably priced. Fed ex is ultra reliable. I assume that you didn't now about this or you...
*waiting patiently for sneaker restock *
It will because it's the aluminium that causes the reaction.However once you star using something without aluminium, you're not really using an anti-perspirant, just a deodorant. And it won't do as much to stop sweating as something with aluminium in it, even if it avoids the white marks problem.On that topic, Oli, another thing I tried when the driclor type products were causing me rash problems (which they don't any more) was to use them at night, but switch to an...
Both the salt in sweat, and also sweat combined with aluminium, causes yellow marks on the pits of shirts.
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