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Thanks Henry - when you get a chance could you tell me the width at the widest point? Cheers
Any suggestions on where I can buy a black, self tie, satin, diamond tip bow tie of good proportions (ie not skinny) at short notice and a reasonable price? Need it by next Friday, so an on-line local source would be fine. I bought a lovely one from Darcy Clothing, but unfortunately didn't realise that it'd be barathea as opposed to satin (if anyone is interested I could probably sell it at a very good price as opposed to shipping it back).
I ordered a long sleeve polo/popover hybrid from Luxire recently (really it's a popover made out of pique since it has a BD collar and pocket, but with a split polo style straight hem). It looks excellent, if I do say so myself, and the construction is top notch as usual. Why go anywhere else?
Yes I know, thanks. As I said the problem is that they never seem to make the MTO boots on one of the narrower lasts like the New Rey or Olfe. A stylistic thing I guess
Hmm thanks, boots always seem to be on Hiro or Rui though... never on one of the narrower lasts...
More size help please: I'm looking at the current MTO brown grain boot on the Rui last. I have a very narrow foot. Brannock measured size is 11B, right foot just a bit shorter. In AE 5-65 lasted shoes, ie Park Avenue, I usually wear a 10.5B or C. I can't decide whether to go for a 9.5 or even a 9 in the MTO boot - any advice? Cheers
Any sartorial tips for, gulp, Seminyak in Bali? Not necessarily buying clothes for myself, just interesting things to see. Or general recommendations.
^^ almost fell afoul of the GST threshold at customs last month too. Anything over $750 USD is dangerous territory now.
Also buttonsandtrim store on ebay. And I bought some very large horn coat buttons from this place last year, couldn't find such buttons anywhere else: http://www.moodfabrics.com/buttons.html http://www.moodfabrics.com/44l-28mm-brown-horn-coat-button-14205.html
New Posts  All Forums: