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Is $399 on cordovan seconds likely to be bettered? Seems they were unloading them for $299 in Feb.
I think it will look weird at first and everyone will ask what kind of non existent market they are aiming for.... And then in 5 years everyone will have one.
Cool. The OH Showroom is tops. Perfect for that sort of thing. I won't be around unfortunately.
...Allen Edmonds would never charge $700 for a shoe.
I have that fabric.A very strange choice for a BD...
You'll probably need a brand that offers Long sizing then I'd imagine, and unfinished trousers. Off the top of my head, Charles Tyrwhitt do. And Brooks Brothers. Or go MTM.
Cheers - anyone have some good photos around of the brown grain? Really can't find any!
Would anyone be able to help me out with a good, close up picture of the AE Brown Grain Calf leather? Considering an MTO in this but can't find that much on it. I believe their "Grain" leather is available in Black, Brown, Chili and Walnut, correct? The "Football" grain leather appears to be the Chili but with a larger grain pattern?
When I polish, I use a horsehair brush as the first buffing step after applying conditioner/cream/wax. Doesn't do a great job of getting a shine, but is most useful, IMO, to get out anything that has gotten into the perforations before you start buffing with whatever type of cloth you use.If you've forgotten to do this and it has hardened, then I'd say a toothrush is probably the best bet?I also use a toothbrush to clean the welt area.
Thanks - I can get a good shine using the method you described... and time... and effort.... That's not really the problem. Having become pretty good at getting a nice shine, I am now looking to take shortcuts! Hence asking about the tight, polishing mitt etc. Gerry - which tights do you use? Can't say I have expertise in that area...
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