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If only I could afford this
It is definitely partly Yoox's awful product shot, but 30" is also reasonably short for outerwear in general I would say? In the blazer style anyway. but, as I said, quilted jackets do seem to come shorter than most outerwear I'd say, see e.g. the classic Lavenham Boxford.
Yeah, quilted jackets seem to fit shorter than what I am used to anyway I suppose.
That is a version of the Harlow it looks like? The fit is kind of weird to me. I wish it was a bit longer I guess. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lavenham-Harlow-Mens-Jacket/dp/B00EPDZZTE http://www.royalcheese.com/men/toutes-les-marques/toutes-les-marques-2/lavenham/veste-harlow-melton-wool-dark-navy.html http://dicks-edinburgh.co.uk/products/lavenham-harlow-melton-wool-quilted-jacket-in-green Only 30" in length in the largest size. Good price though.
^^ Instead of doing all that, if the option is available to you I'd try and get one tailor/local MTM shirt made to fit you ($200ish usually), and then send that one to Luxire.
The shoulders look too wide to me. By 0.75 - 1" I would say. Also, are you standing naturally there? It looks like your shoulders are pulled back.
There are so few full priced items on their store anyway....Apart from stylistic issues, MJ Bale have definitely tried to increase their margins in recent years.Staples that in the past would have been 100% wool or 100% cotton are now blends.
Stolen from Put This On: http://jplaffont.photoshelter.com/gallery/MUHAMMAD-ALI-VS-JOE-FRAZIER/G0000Z9t_z6zsuNk
lol http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/style/blogs/stitched-up/mountain-boots-function-meets-fashion-20140626-3avtb.html
In case you're a size 8.5..http://www.howardyount.com/collections/shoes/products/cognac-pebble-grain-brogue-boots(think they're made by Meermin?)
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