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This surely can't be a true to life representation of what they look like? They make your seat look enormous:
Is that a Suitsupply jacket?
Well done on saving while also frequenting SF. That's the real achievement....
Received my second pair of jeans from Luxire today. 14 Oz Dark Indigo. Very nice once again. Quick turnaround too. Next up are a 5 pocket cord and a stonewashed pair I think.
A quality harrington? Quilted jacket/blazer? I don't think a Barbour is all that "basic" myself - stands out a lot. Harringtons are very versatile.
^^ Agree that's a reservation I have as well. It's hard to tell what the collar is really like. Pictures aren't great.
For some reason I have my heart set on this quilted jacket by Charles Tyrwhitt. I think it is the breast pocket I like, making it slightly less country-fied, and the fact that it is cotton rather than poly. Waiting for it to go on a decent sale: http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/men's-outerwear/men's-coats/Navy-canvas-Made-in-England-quilted-coat?q=gbpdefault||jc021nav|||||||||||||
Would these buttons (2.8cm, so quite large) be too obtrusive on a peacoat that is very similar to the below? Should I try and find something darker? (the problem being that 45 ligne horn buttons are damn hard to come by...)
Not exactly the same thing, but has a similar effect of reducing excess fabric at the back.Personally I don't like the look of darts - on some shirts, particularly plain colours, they become very noticeable. YMMV.
One is selvedge, and one is not.
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