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Luxire: is that an accurate representation of the colour of the Broken Slub 14oz? It looks much darker on the fabric page.
I personally much prefer Epic over Ventile for clothes. The waterproofing is superior (or so I have read ) and I much prefer the look of the Twill weave of Epic over the canvas weave of Ventile.
Stonewashed, super lightweight (8oz post wash) summer jeans (started life as http://custom.luxire.com/products/heavy_denim_chambray_shirt_10oz) - check the button detailing... [[SPOILER]]
Damn you AUD.
As far as I'm concerned, a business has a right to choose their customers.
Fair enough. Everyone should be aware of this, though: http://custom.luxire.com/products/prepay-for-shipping-an-item-to-us
Luxire do make mistakes sometimes, and I'm sorry that this happened in your case. But if you order from Luxire, and they make a mistake, you wear the cost of shipping back to them for a remake. That's been the contract we enter into with them from day 1. Some of the things you're complaining about are semantics/matters of interpretation anyway. And why you'd ever attempt to ship something to India without tracking or insurance, I don't know. That's just daft. It almost...
Why use it when there's Shipito...?
I'm with Foxhound on this. I don't really like the shirt tail peaking out from under a knit look at all. Kind of looks sloppy. If I wear a knit, I tuck my shirt in. Might be a bit different if the shirt had a polo hem.
IMO given your stayed requirements your best bet are TM Lewin or Charles Tyrwhitt.
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