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The overwhelming on-line recommendation at the Fedora Lounge is Panama Bob, who actually has two websites:http://the-panama-hat-works-of-montecristi.myshopify.com/http://www.panamas.biz/
Hard to tell what they look like. To me the Caballero seems to be slightly lower. [[SPOILER]]
I am leaning towards the latter actually (teardrop/Caballero). Seems to be a bit more classic but I don't really know. Results in a crown that isn't as high, I think?I think I'll stick with the classic black ribbon - it's already so noticeable to wear a hat in town as is.I will probably grab one of Panama Bob's cheaper hats for summer (would like to buy local at OH, but they won't fit my enormous head...).Either a Natural Cuenca, or a Montecristi if I spent a bit more.OH...
I will definitely do this when I have a free Sunday, I must admit I am pretty lax with my shoe care.
Oli, that's flat out wrong. I've never paid more than $240 shipped for first quality calf AEs. And my last pair of firsts were $180 AUD. That's the good thing about buying a brand that Amazon stocks.
How old do you need to be before you can pull of a Panama hat (in a non Spring Carnival environment)? Or do you just need to be bald(ing) first?
It might not be the Australian SF groupthink. It's in line with the wider SF groupthink, though. The AE thread is probably the busiest brand thread in CM.
I think the conversation is stupid as well. I like AEs. Some people think they look blobby. Particularly the Park Avenue which is the most widespread shoe. You like Vass. I think they look like girly clown shoes in some lasts. It's a circular argument. However, the undeniable advantages of AEs over any other maker that I know of are: 1. An enormous range of sizes (6-16) and widths (AAA-EEE), over 10 or so lasts. There is, therefore, a much better chance that you will...
Whats your basis for this?
Yes, and only Horween.
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