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No, it's not clear. Half of the "issues" in the above post I don't even see. 1. Can't really tell in that photo. 2. Barely, barely noticeable narrowing of one seam which is probably hidden under a French cuff anyway. 3. Again, a slight curve in a seam, which is hidden under the collar anyway? 4. .... Additionally, the Soft White Herringbone is also a very soft, and incredibly stretchy fabric. I own it. If you pull the fabric in any way at all, the seams will curve....
You know, perhaps $60 MTM isn't for you? That post is the very definition of nitpicking. Try Ascot Chang. I believe they let you specify seam width in micrometres, and to customize cuff curve arc using differential geometry. Also, would people please spoiler posts that contain a lot of pictures - makes things a lot easier on all of us. *edit also your sleeves are too long. Check out the bunching at your right arm. The biceps still look a bit too big - you're very...
Speaking of, Drizabone had a sale on in Collingwood the other day. Nothing over $100 apparently. Was tempted to go down and buy myself the Great Australian Coat. Did anyone attend?
I received a rather handsome pair of Chocolate brown "formal" chinos from Luxire today - not dark brown, more of a warm brown with a hint of burgundy. They're pretty close to this (although mine are not duck canvas, but a thick cotton): As far as shirts go, I am thinking white OCBDs, or white/blue gingham OCBDs, white/blue stripes will be the go. Or maybe a blue OCBD. Perhaps a few other basket checked shirts in my wardrobe will go with them. Not sure what will work as...
Drop to $140.
Might be a silly question, but is there any reason by Cambridge Cordovans would fit any differently from other 5-65 lasted calf shoes (either due to the style or the leather)? About to pull the trigger on some for $399 and want to be sure...
So they're more of a casual Chino alternative. Hmm. Might think about a Luxire pair. They look comfy.
Cords don't hold a crease very well I assume?
Barrister in court today was wearing a 5 button brown pinstripe suit.... top 4 done buttons up. Where do you even buy something like that.
Why not go via Shipito or Borderlinx etc. Much cheaper than AEs international shipping.
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