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To me it seems that you definitely need to increase the with in the chest and waist a bit.It must be very difficult to get on.And it looks like it would be uncomfortable when seated and would pull horizontally. In fact there are crease lines visible in the mid-section when standing.Popovers simply have to be looser through the chest/waist than regular shirt measurements.
I'm looking for the First Avenue
Thanks for the assistance on 5-65 v 201. And on the second question - any big sales in the near future which will probably include the First Avenue? It really pains me to buy them at full retail, and shoebank has never had my size in stock I kind of thought they might go on sale going into the US summer, but that hasn't transpired.
I have a suit in Sand - 0549. [[SPOILER]]
How do people size the 201 last v the 5-65 last? I am generally a 10.5C or B in 5-65 shoes, and now looking to buy the First Avenue boot. On that note, are there any sales coming up in which the First Avenue might go on sale?
Thank you.
I bought a Seiko SARB065 from Massdrop. Love the watch, but not a big fan of the default strap. Any ideas where I could pick up one like this instead? Having the Seiko clasp function would be a bonus, but that's probably asking too much. Unless one can buy genuine Seiko straps of this kind.
Well I disagree on the sack of potatoes part - the silhouette is unique because it doesn't drape a whole lot, and it garners a hell of a lot of compliments for something so simple in essence.It is not at all breathable though, and not suited for days about 16C really, in my opinion, or for doing lots of walking in as I heat up very quickly in it. Unless it's raining a lot I won't do the front up.But yeah, an all time classic IMO.
I completely agree that heavy woollen overcoats/greatcoats are impractical these days, in Aus especially. I have a really nice greatcoat that only ever gets worn when I go overseas unfortunately. They've gone out of fashion for the reasons mentioned, as with heavy suiting. But my own personal opinion is that countrified outerwear doesn't work so well with a suit. I say the same about RMWs. Opinions vary on these issues clearly! I also, personally, find double breasted...
My opinion - I just can't understand the waxed Barbour-over-nice-clothes (or a suit) look. I find it a really jarring contrast. Same goes for militaristic jackets like the M65. Works for fashion bloggers, but whenever I see someone in the city trying to pull it off, I just find it odd. To me, this look doesn't work at all for most people: In terms of outerwear than can walk the line between formal and casual, I'd go for: A navy Barbour Liddesdale (bit of a step up in...
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