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Allison kindly sent me some samples of the AE 'Kara' Grain, 'Scotch' Grain and 'Alpine' Grain for the purposes of a coming MTO. In terms of the fineness of the grain, from the coarsest to the finest, they rank as follows: Scotch - Alpine - Kara The Scotch also has the highest ridges/grain pattern. Other than their appearance, does anyone know, reputationally, the different qualities of these varieties? Ie is one considered more durable, more waterproof etc etc. Cheers
Me too.
I like the look of HCs light grey herringbone coat I've always coveted...
The guy drove down from the Paragon all the way down to Lee St on the footpath (a very busy cafe strip), Grand Theft Auto style, taking all the tables and chairs with him and sending everyone scrambling for cover, before doing a U turn and going straight for the Paragon again. If it wasn't the Paragon I'd think it was just some ice-head from the housing commission, but that place is known to be a hangout for those of ill-repute. I was having breakast at Tre Bicchieri on...
Almost died on Rathdowne Street today... Life before your eyes sort of stuff. I think that calls for some new Luxire shirts? Can't take it with you etc....
If only I could afford this
It is definitely partly Yoox's awful product shot, but 30" is also reasonably short for outerwear in general I would say? In the blazer style anyway. but, as I said, quilted jackets do seem to come shorter than most outerwear I'd say, see e.g. the classic Lavenham Boxford.
Yeah, quilted jackets seem to fit shorter than what I am used to anyway I suppose.
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