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Bought: Buegundy/Sky striped bourette silk 1 $99.95 (ex. tax) Navy Macclesfield wool challis 1 $109.95 (ex. tax) Burgundy Macclesfield wool challis 1 $109.95 (ex. tax) FYI Jason the name on this one is still mistaken as you can see: http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/buegundysky-striped-bourette-silk/
Despite what their website would have you believe, they do not actually ship Barbour to Australia. Or hoods at least.
Asked before and will try again - has anyone found somewhere that will ship you a Barbour waxed hood? All that stores that sell them don't seem to deliver to Aus.
Luxire, did you ever hunt down an answer on a fabric that is similar in its properties to the Sky Blue Oxford but in a white colour? Cheers
I don't think the general aus members' style preference is his target market really. Most of his shoes are a bit too flashy for the conservative thoughts that prevail on this thread. I think the D'Marge types will lap it up though.
I think so, but you never know.
Fair enough - thanks in advance.
Hmm I have to say I think I preferred the old one - I had it in my cart to pull the trigger this weekend! Any chance of getting it back in future? Would you mind doing a shirt and suit shot of the new colour this week sometime?
As a serial nail biter, maybe they are just not for me! Are the Bourette silk pieces going to be similar snag-wise? PS this one has a spelling mistake on the website: http://www.henrycarter.com.au/product/buegundysky-striped-bourette-silk/
Jason have you found much difference in the snag-resistance of your grossa v fina grenadines? Or other major differences in terms of knot thickness etc.? Can't choose between the two.
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