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I reckon this is a pretty good look, myself. http://www.theage.com.au/world/yes-we-tan-barack-obamas-suit-puts-serious-talk-in-the-shade-20140829-109t8p.html
Had my new Luxire jeans bleed all over a white polo today. Anything I can do to prevent this in future? Any recommended way to get the indigo dye out of the polo?
Sartorially speaking, is there anything wort checking out in Sydney for a Melbourne visitor? Heading up there today for a short trip. Other than seeing friends my only concrete plan is to go to the Midnight Oil exhibition.
Bought a pair of new Strands for 173 delivered in 4 from Amazon last month.... Tell him he's dreamin'.
I thought the lack of LTE was a shame too, originally. But it really does add a large extra cost and drains battery quite significantly.And I, and most people out there, pretty much carry our phone around 99% of the time for tethering. Add in the amount of free WiFi around these days and it's not strictly necessary. I think I'll just go up to a 3GB data plan on my phone.I'd like to wait for the SP4,but I need it next week for a new job, and you can play the "I'll wait for...
I'm waiting for my Surface Pro 3.
I'll just leave this here:http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/stylist-says-men-of-melbourne-need-to-embrace-prints-and-bold-colours/story-fnkd6ppg-1227037188206 [[SPOILER]]
Not sure if answered, but KW just brought this one out:http://www.kentwang.com/outerwear/trenchcoat-mediumweight-khaki.html#
Nigel Cabourn makes the nicest looking Harrington I've seen. One of these days I plan to get Luxire to make one for me in beige: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks very much to whoever suggested Florsheim as an option for shoe brushes... It turns out that they have an outlet store just near me (Fairfield). Picked up two XL brushes for $19 each. They're really quite nice. They also carry quite a lot of other shoe care products and accessories. Don't know if they are cheaper than a regular Florsheim store for that sort of thing, though.
New Posts  All Forums: