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I'll just leave this here:http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/stylist-says-men-of-melbourne-need-to-embrace-prints-and-bold-colours/story-fnkd6ppg-1227037188206 [[SPOILER]]
Not sure if answered, but KW just brought this one out:http://www.kentwang.com/outerwear/trenchcoat-mediumweight-khaki.html#
Nigel Cabourn makes the nicest looking Harrington I've seen. One of these days I plan to get Luxire to make one for me in beige: [[SPOILER]]
Thanks very much to whoever suggested Florsheim as an option for shoe brushes... It turns out that they have an outlet store just near me (Fairfield). Picked up two XL brushes for $19 each. They're really quite nice. They also carry quite a lot of other shoe care products and accessories. Don't know if they are cheaper than a regular Florsheim store for that sort of thing, though.
I sent in a coat to be copied so I am not much help.... I'd be too scared to go on measurements alone!
The hand stitching visible on the lapels & other places.Got it on mine and very much worth it IMO.
Hope you are well soon - same problem with your site.
This surely can't be a true to life representation of what they look like? They make your seat look enormous:
Is that a Suitsupply jacket?
Well done on saving while also frequenting SF. That's the real achievement....
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