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Ring and ask, can't remember. Not many in Navy but a lot in Natural. Make sure to specify that you want the 100% cotton ones - they have both.You want the 100% cotton, made in Turkey ones.
Had a look in the sale this morning. I think the best deals are the 100% cotton Baracuta jackets for $275. These are essentially deadstock now and impossible to find. The new poly/cotton blend ones are 500AUD.
Personally I find the narrow pointy toe of the Macquarie much more dressy than the chisel toed boots e.g. Craftsman.... Is it just me?
I saw RMWs in dark brown suede in the wild for the first time the other day. They look excellent. I'm strongly considering a Macquarie in the suede.
http://m.theage.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/gst-on-lowvalue-imported-parcels-moving-closer-20150721-gihfgy.html This & the falling AUD... The carnival is almost over
That's just completely wrong.
Not a suit actually. Of all things I'm looking for some fabric to use to make an internal pocket on my Barbour to hold the hood I bought recently. Really anything would do but I thought I might as well try and find something interesting.
Now that Job Warehouse has closed down, are there any other good spots in Melb to look for small lots of vintage fabric? NB https://youtu.be/GSJX-yeEaz0?t=3m1s
By happy coincidence Henry Bucks has the exact hood I need at their outlet store for only $35! They also have a navy one in the city but I think it is $65,still cheaper than buying from overseas though.
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