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It was very wet this morning, i'll give you that. Hopefully the rain holds off while I head over to Manly for the Oils exhibition now, because otherwise my Luxire denim jeans and I might be bleeding a trail of indigo blue all over the Rocks...
Are you in the same Sydney as me?*edit max of 19 today
Nope, I'm in Law.(always wondered why our profession can't say that, e.g. I'm in finance, I'm in real estate etc...)
Surface Pro 3 x Double Bay x SF
I reckon this is a pretty good look, myself. http://www.theage.com.au/world/yes-we-tan-barack-obamas-suit-puts-serious-talk-in-the-shade-20140829-109t8p.html
Had my new Luxire jeans bleed all over a white polo today. Anything I can do to prevent this in future? Any recommended way to get the indigo dye out of the polo?
Sartorially speaking, is there anything wort checking out in Sydney for a Melbourne visitor? Heading up there today for a short trip. Other than seeing friends my only concrete plan is to go to the Midnight Oil exhibition.
Bought a pair of new Strands for 173 delivered in 4 from Amazon last month.... Tell him he's dreamin'.
I thought the lack of LTE was a shame too, originally. But it really does add a large extra cost and drains battery quite significantly.And I, and most people out there, pretty much carry our phone around 99% of the time for tethering. Add in the amount of free WiFi around these days and it's not strictly necessary. I think I'll just go up to a 3GB data plan on my phone.I'd like to wait for the SP4,but I need it next week for a new job, and you can play the "I'll wait for...
I'm waiting for my Surface Pro 3.
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