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Good deal on the Barbour Bedale @ $269, from David Jones of all places. More sizes in store. http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10051&langId=-1&productId=3748005&storeId=10051
Rum? Also got mine the other day. Best colour RMW has IMO.
Any opinions on Strand v McAllister in Merlot? Relevantly, I already I own: Black Cambridge Brown Shell Strand Black Strand
Hi Luxire - is it possible to order other colours in the Laburnum Pantharella socks? Or just those three? Full colour range on the Pantharella site: https://www.pantherella.com/laburnum Also, FYI, the product photo for all of the colours of the Beaumont socks is the same.
A wool shirt sounds intriguing but... itchy? Anyone own one and could comment?
To me it seems that you definitely need to increase the with in the chest and waist a bit.It must be very difficult to get on.And it looks like it would be uncomfortable when seated and would pull horizontally. In fact there are crease lines visible in the mid-section when standing.Popovers simply have to be looser through the chest/waist than regular shirt measurements.
I'm looking for the First Avenue
Thanks for the assistance on 5-65 v 201. And on the second question - any big sales in the near future which will probably include the First Avenue? It really pains me to buy them at full retail, and shoebank has never had my size in stock I kind of thought they might go on sale going into the US summer, but that hasn't transpired.
I have a suit in Sand - 0549. [[SPOILER]]
How do people size the 201 last v the 5-65 last? I am generally a 10.5C or B in 5-65 shoes, and now looking to buy the First Avenue boot. On that note, are there any sales coming up in which the First Avenue might go on sale?
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