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I have a whole suit in the Sand: http://luxire.com/products/minnis-fresco-sand-plainfresco_0549Very great Gatsby-ish in colour. And very cool to wear. Good for suit separates too, particularly if you get blazer side pockets on the jacket
The sale has started: the 20% doesn't seem to have come off most clearance shoes, only "regular" shoebank prices.
FYI there will be a sale at outlet stores and shoebank from 1-15 Feb.
^^ Thanks for the assistance.
Could someone please give me a hand with the above two unanswered queries - cheers.
What size do people usually go for in last 97 (Macneil 2.0) vs the 65? I'm a 10.5B or C in the 65. Also - on the shoebank site - chili burnished calf v dark chili burnished - is there a difference?
My request is without doubt a cheap, good quality, white, lightweight oxford like the Sky Blue Oxford
Yeah its one thing to, quite rightly, want to flaunt the results of some hard work in the gym. But that silhouette looks very feminine. And can't possibly be comfortable sitting down. I'd add at least one inch to half waist and half an inch to half chest. Your drop is such that you may well need darts I think.
Any recommendations within the Luxire collection?
IMO knitwear and occasional pieces of outerwear are the best MJ bale items.
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