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1. Depends on how busy they are, surely? A lot of places are busy atm due to spring racing season jobs. I'd ring up and check if they can meet your deadline. 2. I think you'd have much better luck finding something nice on eBay/etsy than in Melb.
I have some wool/silk/linen jackets from MJ Bale. They are great for summer. The silk can make darker colours a bit shiny, though.
Best to ask in one of these:http://www.styleforum.net/t/86897/sunglasses-megathread-all-sunglass-questions-here-please/1900_50#post_7396251http://www.styleforum.net/t/120500/ask-me-about-eyewear/2700_50#post_7406337
Yep I have tried them on in B & M and definitely a bit too short. I'll ask around.
Sorry, this is what I meant by "lengthening".
If anyone is interested, unfortunately Giacomo of Gina & Giacomo Basso on Rathdowne Street fame, passed away a week ago. A very nice man and a great tailor.
Cheers. Looking at doing it to a pair of Persol 649s - the 52mm is by far the best size for the lens parts IMO - but the temples are only 135mm at that size.. Unfortunately no option to mix and match.
@CityConnection, is it possible to "lengthen" temples on acetate eyewear? Ie, make them fit a bit longer....
If you win something at auction on ebay, pay via PayPal, and the seller gets cold feet and tries to back out of the sale, you are pretty much shit of out of luck I suppose? Other than leaving negative feedback.. I know ill get the money back, more so annoyed about not getting what I bid on.
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