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EG Homespun Bedford in Small for pretty good BIN price. Would instakop if it were a M. http://www.ebay.com/itm/EUC-Engineered-Garments-Homespun-Bedford-Small-/221647241171?ssPageName=ADME:SS:SS:US:1120
30% off pocket sweaters at the Ervell Webstore with ALPACA30.   Unrelated, but anyone have recommendations for a fairly thick/warm ribbed beanie, preferably with some visual interest like this Donegal speckled wool? That one is sold out and I can't find it anywhere else.
Do you know of any stockists for those Sanders styles? I have tried looking and I cannot see any that have the scotch/pebble grain leather, not even on the Sanders official site. Thanks. Edit: unrelated, but some things at Matches up to 50% off.
No their inventory actually updates in real time. I did the same thing you did as a test and ended up with 50 pairs of CPs and crippling credit card debt. Ended up working out well tho bc I can rotate through the 50 pairs and it really extends the lifetime of each individual pair.
Damn. Thanks for the heads up. Is anyone able to proxy? Would of course be happy to compensate you for your troubles.
Thanks very much! When you say dutiable amount, is there a dollar threshold below which they're not supposed to charge customs? Because the one time I got a UPS intl delivery (from Denmark), the value was ~$150 and still got charged fees.
Has anyone here ordered from the Trickers factory/seconds store on ebay (retrickers) and can speak to customs/duties fees to the US? They specify in their listings that they only ship via UPS and I know that there have been horror stories regarding exorbitant UPS customs fees in the past from other international stores.   I did a search but didn't find any prior info. Thanks in advance!
Yep. Exact same guy did the same thing to me a couple months back. Reported him to the grailed admin and also ebay. Now he's using a different account. Mega sketch.
If you don't mind sharing, could you tell us how he's being sleazy? Would like to avoid using his site if he's up to shady stuff.
Size 46-48 Whiskey Lamb A2 Bomber for sale. (See measurements below).    Shoulders 17 Pit-to-pit 20 Sleeve length 26.75 Front length 22 Back length 24.5
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