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Nice. I'd save so much money if I were able to do basic alterations. I ordered the light grey too. Can't wait. Did you get a tracking number before it was delivered?
Is it an easy tailoring job to get sleeves lined?
Lol so oblivious. Classic straight dude.
 Why, tell us more about what it means to be a "classic gay dude."
Hi David, Are men's accessories excluded from the code as well? Tried using it on a pair of sunglasses but didn't work. Thanks.
 It doesn't sound like cheapness here. It sounds more like a fundamental lack of both empathy and a basic awareness of how and why other people live the lives they do.
I wouldn't say that everything is at 60% off or more--I remember at the last one that there were definitely a lot of things (shirts, knits, outerwear) that was 40-50% off. But you're definitely right about the cool/wacky sample stuff that don't make it into stores.
Thanks for all the comments guys. In any case, final price drop to $440, and you must let me know within the next 12 hours or these are going back.
Yeah just praying that some 41s are available out there somewhere
Got these gorgeous shoes from the LN-CC sale but they are a half size too big. I can still return these, but since shipping to the UK isn't cheap, I thought I'd post them here for a few days in case someone else wants a shot at them.   I'm a 8.5D in Alden Barrie, 41 in Common Projects, 42 in MMM GATs (sorry have no experience with other MC shoe brands), so these would best fit a 9D in Barrie, 42 in CP, 43 in MMM. Retail was $1100.   These are, quite simply, the most...
New Posts  All Forums: