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Where did you get the leather aviator from? I can seem to find any sites that still have them in stock.
If anyone here picked up that Yang Li biker jacket and it doesn't work out, get at me...
 No I have the 40 in the blazer coat and it's more of an M. I'm an M in all Ervell shirts and the 40 is tight if I have anything more than a shirt on underneath.
Why do youTalk so muchWhen you knowSo little?
Try switching browser maybe? Site kept crashing when I was in Chrome. Switched to firefox and was able to order without a glitch.
The quilted hoody fits TTS, so I'm guessing the sweatshirt does too. I got the black zip-up hoody in M, and I'm a M in everything else Ervell apart from some of the slimmer pocket sweaters, and this fit spot on. But a grail just popped up and I need to free up some funds, so if anyone is interested in this let me know and you can have it for the 30% sale price + tax. Wanted to let anyone here have a chance to grab it before I just return to the store. It is very nice--very...
Would really like these--PM'ed you a week ago. 
Don't know about the peacoat, but I have the wool aviator and love it.
Interesting. Hopefully the fix will be that simple. One last question for you guys: do you have recommendations for cobblers in NYC that you would trust to take a look at these and potentially try to restore them? If not I'd send to Alden, but I'd prefer to avoid the multi-month turnaround time if at all possible.
New Posts  All Forums: