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yea as i said it was made for people 6'+. i had my sleeves shortened as well and also had the leather elbow patches moved up a bit. but what size did you get? it almost looks like you can size down. tony, is that a 36? i don't think ken makes a 34. it's a good fit regardless.
36. it's from fw11 (boxing day sale).
black. i probably would have bought the olive if i didn't already have the ayling in that color though.
i'm 5'8", 160lbs with a 39" chest and the 36 fits me fine up top. be warned though that the ayling is definitely geared toward taller people... the sleeves on my 36 were way too long (had to have them shortened) and the coat ends almost at my knees. if you look at their fit pics you'll notice the coat ends much higher than that on the model (around his butt).while the quality and craftsmanship is outstanding on the ayling i wouldn't recommend it for you. the silhouette...
lamb stiff out of the box? mine was buttery soft from the get-go.actually now that i think about my black lamb moto was pretty stiff too. drew, are the black lamb leathers stiffer for some reason?
w+h tiger fleece is thicker and warmer. i have to wear a large in w+h hoodies but can fit comfortably into a small in n&f.
that coat fits like absolute shit
emory all day
fucker i have those exact chest and waist measurements but don't meet the inseam requirement
For sale are: 1 Light blue 1 French blue 1 Lilac 1 Lilac microcheck All 4 have the wider Windsor collar and french cuffs and are in excellent condition. Looking to sell all 4 together for $75 shipped CONUS. Stock pics are attached.
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