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Are these still available?
Mike - any plans to restock the Navy and Caramel Thorpe?
Mike - Will the dye used for the Doyle transfer/bleed on to lighter-colored shirts? Or does the overdye process prevent this?
+1A slightly higher rise on the rivets would be great
Is the CPO jacket too thick to wear under a sportcoat?
Price includes US shipping - please PM for intl Nialma Blue/Red Check 100% cotton Button down collar Long sleeves Worn 2 times Chest: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.75" Shoulder: 17.5" Length (from BOC): 30" Neck: 16" $35 -> $25 Epaulet Green Check 100% cotton Size L Spread Collar Worn 1 time $60 -> $45 Epaulet Navy Linen Shirt with White Stars 100% linen Size L Spread Collar Worn 2 times $95 -> $80
Will the restocked Hawthornes be available online today?
Mike - any plans to restock the Hawthorne in snuff suede?
There's been discussion in the past about doing an austerity version of the Carmina 922 (Rain last) in burgundy shell. Any interest in getting this going?
Rain + dark brown sole sounds great. Same double leather sole used on the Midnight Calf Balmoral as well?
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