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Love the vest, any idea what it would cost to ship to Sweden?
I'm looking for a single breasted coat, preferably 3-buttoned, in SZ36-38 at aprox 250< USD depending on cut, fabric and brand etcetera. Shipping to Sweden is a must and the lighter the weight, the better. I have nothing against peak lapels or anything with abit attitude and would prefer a somewhat slim fit in contrast to the traditional fit of an overcoat. I'm about 179 centimeters tall and my idea of shape/cut seems to be abit more italian than most people here. All...
David Lynch...
Decided to change to a strap more suitable than nato for new years. 60s Glashütte 67.1, enjoy!
Is it size 9 in UK or US?
Possible to get some measurements? and where are you located?
Quote: Originally Posted by jinusama I think you might want to check your pictures on flickr. It might be just my computer but they are tiny. Just a heads up. The pictures are indeed very tiny, like thumbnails...
I can vouch not only for the seller, but also for the quality of Gianni Campagna.
That Rose & Born blazer is truly divine, magnificent.
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