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I like chisel toe lasts. However, that one seems pointer than normal. How does it fit? That is the important question. find what last fit your feet and are comfortable and then look for models that use those lasts.
I'm guessing you are around or over 50? I'm in my early 30s and that situation would be weird to me.
Its Friday and I have a dinner date with the wife at one of our favorite restaurants, Spraga in Philly. We have both been working a lot lately and hardly have time to relax and enjoy good food and wine so looking forward to tonight.
First day in the wild for both the tie and watch. Cross post.
Crappy mirror pics is all I have. First day wearing new watch so I had to capture that. Not shooting for winning here, just participating.
First day in the wild with new watch and new Mattabisch tie. Absolutely love this tie. I'm feeling green today.
Love the Reverso. On my list of watches to get.
You are going to like the way you buy one suit and get 27 free.
How long does it take for the sharp edges to dull out? I find the case edges to be a little sharper and what I would like. Love the green though. Mine is a 2007/2008. Couldn't really get in any newer condition though. Original owner never wore this thing. Still had the plastic protector.
Not that great a deal. No box or papers and pretty scratched up.
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