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Crappy mirror pics is all I have. First day wearing new watch so I had to capture that. Not shooting for winning here, just participating.
First day in the wild with new watch and new Mattabisch tie. Absolutely love this tie. I'm feeling green today.
Love the Reverso. On my list of watches to get.
You are going to like the way you buy one suit and get 27 free.
How long does it take for the sharp edges to dull out? I find the case edges to be a little sharper and what I would like. Love the green though. Mine is a 2007/2008. Couldn't really get in any newer condition though. Original owner never wore this thing. Still had the plastic protector.
Not that great a deal. No box or papers and pretty scratched up.
Absolutely awesome! Actually it it terrible, you should sell it to me.
Right there with you.
Yes, it is space grey which is a nice muted color for an M as it is not orange or Laguna Seca blue. The interior is black and what they call "silver" leather although it is more of a monochrome blue to me.
This is true. The M4 will be inline 6 with twin turbos. Fast, but just not the same.
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