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I'm watching it on ebay but I bet it closes at around $2k. I'm currently in the market for a watch storage box but with space for cufflinks and tie clips. Any recommendations?
This tie is so think I had a hard time tying it. Picked it up from Ich Dien. Fantastic quality and better than the Kiton that I also purchased from him. Hard to see in the original picture but the dots are purple. I never thought green and purple would work together, but it does.
Well Eddy, you have found your home. I'm right there with you. I a bit older (in my early thirties) but people my age dress just as bad if not worse than people your age. There is a lot of good information on this forum so read, discuss, and enjoy!
What kind of vine are those leaves from and is that a quartz-based gravel? Awesome boots by the way.
He had a lot of them. That is a Delaware beer that is surprisingly pretty good. I like their seasonals.
I had a Trappistes Rochefort beer for the first time last night. Pretty damn good and at +11% alcohol, two of them is all you need.
I like chisel toe lasts. However, that one seems pointer than normal. How does it fit? That is the important question. find what last fit your feet and are comfortable and then look for models that use those lasts.
I'm guessing you are around or over 50? I'm in my early 30s and that situation would be weird to me.
Its Friday and I have a dinner date with the wife at one of our favorite restaurants, Spraga in Philly. We have both been working a lot lately and hardly have time to relax and enjoy good food and wine so looking forward to tonight.
First day in the wild for both the tie and watch. Cross post.
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