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Spoke too soon. Deleted
I have both and the Two CT shirts I have hardly ever get wear and I may be getting rid of them. IMO they look and feel cheap. I feel self conscious all day in them as the material and fit of the sleeves does not compare to the lower BB offerings much less their Luxury, GF, or BF shirts. I think they were a waste of money but I bought them in a pinch as I was stuck in NY fora couple extra days and they were right there in Times Square across from my hotel.
Not an issue at all.
Thanks for the fast shipping. Wearing a tie you sent me today. Absolutely excellent tie!
Holy! If only I could pull them off.
I use BB brass knob trees for most of my shoes. I usually pick them up on one of the 40% sales.
Not a good shirt whether real or fake. However, you have buyers protection on eBay so use it. Selling fakes is against eBay policy (and illegal).
You can't wear a suit at all times--you would look ridiculous. Who are you, Barney Stinson?
Just bring your own lube and ask her to keep her bra on.
Deets on the gravel?That grapevine is turning nicely. Here is Delaware, all the leaves just fell off without much pomp.
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