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Ordered my first pair today. Looking forward to joining the club.
Called the store, changed to size 44.5 on advice here and had the coupon applied. For some reason it did not apply in cart.
Fixed that for you.
Well, took the plunge on my first pair of Vass shoes. I hope I got the sizing right. I'm happy to help support a startup (being in VC myself). Discounted price didn't come up but I'm assuming that it will be deducted?
Why tease us with this loafer? Can you reproduce this and sell it? SF is the perfect audience.
Nice! Thanks.What would be the closest size to an EG UK11/US11.5?
Love these: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/shop/index.php/footwear/shoes/cognac-scotch-grain-alt-wien-derby-1548.html Is there a SF discount that I missed somewhere? This thread has gotten long.
Bam! Look at that carpet! ^^
Watch is up to $3k. Not a great deal at this point.
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