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Loving both of those looks!
Thanks! I have been attempting to replace a very old pair of pre-SF John Varvatos Norvegese welted shoes that were just the perfect casual shoe. I got rid of them after two resoles and the welting started coming undone. I should have had them completely recrafted but did not know enough at the time. These things look like tanks and should be able to take a beating. My only other scotch grain shoes is a pair of EG what are a bit too nice for bar hopping and the like.
Ordered a pair of these. Lets see how they work out. Need some scotch for the fall.
Ordered my first pair today. Looking forward to joining the club.
Called the store, changed to size 44.5 on advice here and had the coupon applied. For some reason it did not apply in cart.
Fixed that for you.
Well, took the plunge on my first pair of Vass shoes. I hope I got the sizing right. I'm happy to help support a startup (being in VC myself). Discounted price didn't come up but I'm assuming that it will be deducted?
Why tease us with this loafer? Can you reproduce this and sell it? SF is the perfect audience.
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