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Wearing my first pair of Vass for the first time today. I think I have found the perfect fall shoe. Socks and pants are BB.
I usually wear FIH but sometime mix it up with a half Windsor especially if I have a spread collar.
UK 11.
Hopefully Fedex guy was nice enough to leave my package on the front porch. If not, I will not be seeing my Vass for a couple of days.
Namor, let me know when you get tired of them. I might just have to change my "no buying used shoes" stance and purchase them off you.
I too saw that shameless plug where they hold the camera on the saddle for a good 5 seconds for no particular reason.
Those belong on a schoolboy.
This is true. I have a classmate in grad school (in his forties but wears cargo shorts, running shoes, a golf polo, and a sun visor on his belt) that thinks of AE as a grail shoe. This guy is a Director at SAP so I know it is not a money issue, rather how he chooses to spend his money.
No kidding!
The blue face looks sharp with the blue jacket.
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