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Thanks guys! There are some great looks here. Time to bust out the ole cashmere socks for winter.
I guess I always picture members looking like their Avatar. For instance, Namor will always be a hot blonde to me.
Who dat Stichy, you?
That was a lot of reading. Everyone is right. I'm thinking of the story of the blind men and the elephant. It is about perspective.
How about cross dressing couples?
No, just no.
I find that most of my shoes have more of an English, chiseled toe which is a sleeker more formal look and is harder to pull off on a general purpose shoe especially if worn with jeans or casual pants. One reason I purchased these was to have a general all-purpose shoe without getting too blobey like some American shoe makers. I think they are perfect for what I bought them for as the scotch grain makes them very casual yet they work well with tweed or flannel.
Receive both my first No Man Walks Alone order and my first pair of Vass over the weekend. I'm glad I took a Newcomer's advise and went with the 44.5 instead of the 45 as they fit perfectly. These are surprisingly comfortable right out of the box--which is rare for me and and attribute that I have only found in EG so far. I was trying them on Sunday when the wife caught me and exclaimed that they were "gorgeous". Thanks NMWA for the fast shipping, good customer service...
Thank you Rodger. That red cognac is something else. Would look great with a navy suit.
Wearing my first pair of Vass for the first time today. I was trying them on yesterday when the wife saw them and exclaimed how beautiful they were. I think I have found the perfect pair of fall shoes.
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