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I haven't posted here a while but I have recently gotten into motorcycles and have the "need" to update my leather jackets. Keep in mind I am more from the "classic" crowd but I did not get much imput there. I have a lot of brown leather, some of which I posted before, one of which is a Himel Bros custom cafe racer style. I have been using my bikes to commute to work and being that I have a black bike, I wanted to get a black leather jacket besides the full fur lined one...
Except most people on here have multiple pairs of them and those are used...
I don't know why this is here as it should be in the SW&D. Anyway, I ordered another jacket from Belstaff as I think it might be more versitile and better for commuting to work on my bike (I had to also order one for my wife at this point in a cream color). I feel like this one has more of a classic look as it almost looks like a short trench.Cost was about $150 more than the above. Original price was a rediculous almost $3k. I guess I will keep the one that I like and...
Nothing special, but my way of showing support to Brazil during their World Cup game yesterday against Mexico.
This is probably a better riding jacket and they have my size: Edit, well they had one left in my size. $2,500 is a bit much for a jacket. $1,040 with shipping is more reasonable so I went ahead and ordered it. If it does not fit well it can be returned.
Anyone have any experience with this jacket? I think the brown looks very cool but I have quite a few very cool brown jackets. I wanted a black riding jacket to go with my black motorcycle.
I usually wear a 44 regular but went 44 long with two Milano suits during their summer sale and the length is just right (I'm 6'1").
Since you are posting from Alabama, I can only assume that this comment was intended as some kind of insult?
I'm not sure what P2 is. These are on the F last I believe. I usually wear a UK11/US11.5 I got these in a 44.5 and they fit perfectly.
As your current avatar--a young Hitler Youth looking punk
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