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I looked those up, they are terrible with rubber soles etc. I work in a bank and need a dressier boot with either topies or Vibram style soles.
I did not realize they had a seperate "pure motorcycle" line. I guess I will see when the jackets arrive on Monday. I will post here. By the way, in terms of protection, leather is the the best form over Kevlar or any other armor. However, having Kevlar under leather is probably best. Not that you would want to lay down a $3k jacket anyway.
Looking for a pair of dressyish boot to wear on my mortorcycle to commute to work. Currently wearing a pair of Ferragamos as I don't want to mess up my good boots but I remembered R.M. Williams and thought that they would be perfect. I need something with non-slip soles but reasonably dressy that won't get too beat-up looking too soon. Any suggestions on a particular model and where to KOP inexpensively? Need the ability to return in case they don't fit right. Thanks!
Just picked up 3 from the Belstaff sale (through their web site) at about $1k each. Two for me and one for the wife. Free returns if they do not work out.
That is the way I was leaning. Thanks for the feedback. I will, of course, be able to try both on when they arrive. The Cicruitmaster design is definately more versitile and it is more functional with the vents and pockets. I purchased a similar one in beige leather for my wife that was also on sale. She has been wanting a leather jacket for a while and since I already have 6 or so, I felt that I had to pick her up one as well. I do want a canvas one as well. I noticed...
I work at the headquarters of a large bank. I am not customer facing. Most people dress... Well, I tent to wear a tie and jacket to work and I am over dressed.The jacket would be taken off when at work. Belstaff, being originally a motercycle brand, has some armor in all their leather but if I were to go on a racetrack I would probably wear something more appropriate. I do have a summer mesh armored jacket for riding in this heat.
I haven't posted here a while but I have recently gotten into motorcycles and have the "need" to update my leather jackets. Keep in mind I am more from the "classic" crowd but I did not get much imput there. I have a lot of brown leather, some of which I posted before, one of which is a Himel Bros custom cafe racer style. I have been using my bikes to commute to work and being that I have a black bike, I wanted to get a black leather jacket besides the full fur lined one...
Except most people on here have multiple pairs of them and those are used...
I don't know why this is here as it should be in the SW&D. Anyway, I ordered another jacket from Belstaff as I think it might be more versitile and better for commuting to work on my bike (I had to also order one for my wife at this point in a cream color). I feel like this one has more of a classic look as it almost looks like a short trench.Cost was about $150 more than the above. Original price was a rediculous almost $3k. I guess I will keep the one that I like and...
Nothing special, but my way of showing support to Brazil during their World Cup game yesterday against Mexico.
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