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Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude if your sliding its too big It's just tough to believe I'm a full size down in these shoes. The inside of the boot measures almost exactly 12 inches and my foot is 11.5. So I guess it's only about half an inch. Since I've already worn them, even though it was honestly once from the car to my desk, they have creases in the leather so returning isn't an option--and selling seems annoying and tough...
I should have posted this in here instead of the J. Crew thread. But I'm a little worried the Indy's I purchased (and have been wearing) are a little too big. I'm always an 11.5, so I ordered the 11. My toe is under the stitching and I can slide my foot back and forth a little, is that normal, or did I mess up? It's not really that bad, I guess I just want them to fit tight because I hate shoes that slide on my feet at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 Not a joke, Feb 11 is for my size (8.5), I'm a size 10 normally and size 9 in RW's but my pedorthist fitted me to a 8.5 perfectly, a bit snug but it will stretch a bit with time. (Yes, I just picked up another 405 today lol) Comments like this make me worried I ordered my Indy's too big. I'm an 11.5 in just about every shoe I wear, occasionally a 12. I ordered an 11 in the Indy's and my toe is right under...
What is everyone's thought on applying mink oil to a pair of new Indy's? I'm planning on wearing them in the rain and snow so I want something that will protect them pretty well. They are the darker J. Crew model so I'm not sure how much the mink oil will actually darken them--I'm hoping not much.
Just got the Indy's today. They look amazing, so glad they shipped and made it through without issue. Question though, is it a good idea to apply anything to them before wearing? Snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.
I assume no one has had their Indy's ship yet? Mine still says processing, which worries me a little.
Quote: Originally Posted by slammyman Yeah they are little bitches. I bought some Red Wing boots and they wouldn't credit me. So I ordered them last night and will return the full price boots. What idiots. It is a waste of their and my time and money! I also bought some Alden's, but the CS representative on the phone told me even if they were discounted in my cart, they would charge my credit card the full amount. I told them they sounded like a...
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