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when he still had the glasses he loked like Jeff Goldblum
Uncontrol, I like your fits but you should cut your bangs; they look kinda aggravatingly emo right now. Cut 'em short for that David Bowie swag
cool looking forward to it
Hey synthese, whatever happened to the linen fremen robe that you were making? coming out of noob lurking to express my disappointment that it never surfaced
Damn, wouldn't it be awesome if someone offered a MTM asymmetrical zip leather riders jacket for around $700? Shame nobody does that
would look better if the pants were cut fuller with a sharper taper
pay up and buy these
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce You are gonna have to pop your shirt off so we can tell for sure. So far you look even fatter than listi. If you guys like, I could take a bunch of nude pics, all different poses, upright, reclining etc. I'll post them all in a new thread and we could have a big poll to decide
alright, posted a week ago and got kinda shat on for being too fat and looking like an IT worker, so, after having gotten a haircut and starting on a strict diet of green vegetables and pussy, am back for round two
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