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If you don't know how to cook much at all, they might be a little challenging, but far and away the best cook books I've ever found are the Good Cook Techniques and Recipes series which were put out by Time-Life ages ago. They are great for teaching fundamental techniques (making roux and stock, cleaning meat, different kinds of dough, etc) that most other cookbooks tend to skim over or cheat on, and they have good photo diagrams. Recipe collections in them are really...
Sorry, but Prophyglo sounds like a spermicide
EDC thread has gone off the deep end. Latest discussion is about knives disguised as collar stays...
Quote: Originally Posted by snake What are your guys thoughts on AA tri blend? tri-blends are the best. They drape way better than the other AA tees and don't shrink into ridiculous shapes like the cotton ones
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Well fuck me, you're right! Now if you fellas don't mind, I'll just fuck off to me schooner and drown me sorrows in a cask o' rum. While ye plebes are fucking around in your little tugboats.
^ you might try Grenson
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 They're coming out with a baggier ex-wife jean. Chillax.
Damn my monitor sucks, I thought that was dark grey thanks though, I'll probably order when I can get the funds together
Has anyone gotten a DR in brown leather? I couldn't find any pictures in the gallery and I'm thinking it could look pretty good. Or is it just a terrible idea and I should go hang myself in a macys?
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