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Hey Drew, I was just wondering if you have any suggestions or just a heads up about any of the cool stuff you've seen around tokyo. I think a lot of us (myself at least) are interested in stuff, but just really don't have any idea what's available in Tokyo or where it can be found. I know I'd be interested in cool housewares or decorations or whatnot, something a bit more interesting than the usual ikea crap quoted for relevance
oakleys look a bit douchey imo. I would actually stay away from metal frames entirely; you've got a bigger head and I think thicker frames would look more balanced. These are nice
Damn, rapidly scrambling funds for a blue calfskin moto
1 up from chucks
This. Girls =/= sf nerds. My girls goes to the store and tries on like 50 pair of jeans until she finds the ones that make her ass look best.
You said cock bulge thirteen times in this post alone.
Those boots that you posted would be fine. Danner makes boots that you can actually hike in and once they are broken in you won't have to worry about blisters. Diemmes are another good option in the price range. I would avoid anything with a leather sole and a non-hiking insole unless you want your feet numb and bruised by the end of a day of hiking
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