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Avoid extremes like baggy/skinny fit, wide/narrow shoulders/lapels/ties, etc.
Stupid question. T-shirt, mesh shorts, athletic socks, and sneakers.
Retail: you can get a solid grey or charcoal wool suit from H&M for $250 and some lace up shoes (Cole Haan, etc.) from a discount retailer (DSW, Nordstrom Rack, Filene's Basement, etc.) for about $100. Online: On eBay, you can probably get a nice suit (Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, etc.) for less than $200 and nice shoes (Allen Edmonds, Alden, etc.) for less than $200. Thrift: You can probably get a suit for less than $20 and shoes for less than $15. Jacket...
You should be able to feel the difference. Also, there should be different care instructions because you cannot iron polyester on high heat like cotton.
A 3 button jacket covers too much of my shirt and makes me look shorter.
Do you mostly wear black or brown shoes and belts? I would get the color I wear most often.
For those stuck in a SF bubble, the majority (I'm guessing at least 95%) of the U.S. population has never heard of C&J, Lobb, EG, Vass, etc.
There was definitely info about it on the Costco website page a few months back, but it is no longer available. I remember the website saying the MTM event was only offered in their store in the Seattle area (I think it was Issaquah).
I would just wear the jacket. It's cold enough to wear one almost anywhere in the US.
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