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As a former management consultant myself, I'd advise waiting to get a sense of what others at the analyst level are wearing - for example, I wore a sport coat my first day on the job (as an analyst) just to find that only partners wore jackets, and non-partners who wore them were seen as posers. Needless to say, I never wore one to work again. Also, you don't want to dress significantly better than the client, so keep that in mind before you spend $$ on stuff you...
Decided to take the plunge and order a few MTM shirts. As I have never gone through this process I thought I'd start by using someone local so I can be properly measured. I did a quick internet search and found the following two with what seems to be reasonable pricing: Peter Raney (Hong Kong Custom Tailors) Michael Sahi Both have packages that end up at ~$60 per shirt for 2x2 pinpoint Anyone heard of either? any other suggestions? Thanks
Do any of the SF Oxxford experts know when the "Cambridge" model was produced? I've got someone telling me about a suit that's in really good / new condition, but I can't figure out what the age might be. Google and forum searches have yielded zilch. Thanks!
Another good bet would be Nordstrom Rack, if they have one in your area. They don't always have tons of slim fit, but usually the "regular" shirts are $24.99 ($69.50 at the main store) or $39.99 for the John W Nordstrom. They also usually have the higher end John W Nordstrom (better fabrics) at ~$50. They also sell Robert Talbott dress shirts for $49.99, but honestly even the slim fit isn't that slim.
I'm going to guess 3-4 years old. Older than that and the interior label would be black instead of gray. It's definitely older than 1 year as the external label on the sleeve is not current.
Quote: Originally Posted by calisanfran Then a gross margin of 40% indicates that's the markup they are able to get "on an average" across all their merchandise. If they start at a 100% premium then does that imply they on an average end up selling after taking a 60% discount? Something doesn't seem right in that. Retail tries to confuse people by mixing terminology - what a retail store calls 50% is the same as 100% mark up (i.e., the retail...
Most of the mainline HF stuff starts @ $850 at NR (with the $1,745 price tag attached, and the HF / Nordstrom label). I recently bought a "Legacy" in charcoal for a special occasion. I also picked up a Madison in a dark green for $425 (on 50% clearance) as I switeched back to suits starting last week and needed to replenish my stock.
Before anything else, you should try them on as Ferragamos tend to run a bit narrow...
Just got rid of a bunch, but still have over 100
Does this tag denote some sort of higher level Hugo Boss suit? I bought it at SFO the other day, and after all discounts it was roughly $325. Not sure whether I should keep it or return it and get a suit from the Style-Wizard instead (probably the Danielle line) Thanks!
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