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Is it the contrast between the thickness of the hair forming the sideboard and the shortness of the hair on the head? In the phrenologist's photo they're not very well-groomed either, whereas Paul's are neat and have been trimmed into shape.
I suppose fashion can be relative to different social groups and the author of the article is certainly trying to make a statement about which one she sees as socially 'acceptable'.When I first saw it, it reminded me of those awful pictures that Victorian phrenologists used to make their odious pronouncements on the merits of people's social acceptability!As for the 'ponce', when you grew your hair long I doubt if you ever thought assuming a Rudolph Valentino pose was a...
Hello Mr. Brideshead, good to see you back!I had thought it looked rather like dog's tooth, but on closer inspection it is a 'sharper' check than dog's tooth - if that makes sense?I'd forgotten about that photo of Twiggy in the Fairisle.I'm happy with '64 for the photo: their hair styles and the shape of their shoes fits in with that date (or thereabouts).
I would say, as a skirt wearer, that her skirt is riding up because of the way she is perched on the wall. The lad behind her is holding her up; notice how rumpled her coat is.
Perhaps he fancied himself as Christopher Lee?...
Why, thank-you Mr. Vaughan.
Some of us are nice, you know.....
Thank-you, any more information? Knowing the provenance of these photographs makes them much more valuable!
I was thinking '68.
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