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Thank-you Mr. Brown: it's been a long time since I've been called a youngster!
Good to have you back!
Charming as ever my dear Mr. Vaughan! Good advice, I always leave clothes and shoes out to 'air' once they've been worn. You've reminded me about some earlier posts regarding wives blocking shoe purchases: I'm most likely to be looking over his shoulder saying 'go on, just get them' - the more pairs you have to rotate the less you'll wear them out!
I've probably said this before Mr. Mystery, but Brutus have a different cut to Ben Sherman being wider around the chest and slimmer around the ribs/ waist which is why they would look better on girls. They certainly fit me better!
I have been having computer problems too...... very frustrating, you have my sympathy!As for colour and fashion, I agree, I always see the colours of clothes in the '60's as reflecting the optimism of the era. I think a lot of people seem to be afraid of colour now and stick with black because it's easy and you don't have to co-ordinate it (have you noticed how bad some people are at putting colours together?) So saying, I think teenagers do wear quite bright coloured...
We liked that one, Ed! How did she think they'd managed to puke that high up the wall.......talk about projectile!
Look a bit scruffy: they must be Northern Chelsea.
Hello and welcome: always nice to get a Northern perspective on things..... it gets a bit Southern round here sometimes (I am smiling sweetly as I say this!)
They don't call you Roy, by any chance?
Brideshead provided that link.
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