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When I was a kid I remember people saying 'it looks like a monkey jacket on you' implying a jacket was too short: a reference to barrel organ monkeys in their short jackets.
Good, it was meant as one!
Ah, I thought you looked sweet.
Yes, that surprised me a bit too! However they're not like the ones I wear which are very feminine looking, but that was what I was picturing when you mentioned them!
Are you being funny? Referring to our lovely football strip?
There's a lot of controversy about that one, roytonboy: the phrase is meant to have originated in the shipyards as 'mackem and tackem': 'mak' being a Sunderland pronunciation of 'make' and 'tak' being the pronunciation of 'take' as in 'we make the ships and they take them'.When I was a little girl (in the '70's) the term 'Geordie' was often used to describe anyone from the North East and, although I understand that the term 'Mackem' is an old one it wasn't often used as a...
This is an interesting photo! They're from Sunderland (we have a nice accent).... that hill they're sitting on is very familiar! Incidentally the school they went to is where my son goes and where Bob went.... small world....
Now up there is a strange accent!
I'm shuddering..... she has a horrible accent!
Very Interesting. Could you Southerners understand what they were saying?! Where those lads were from is a very deprived area of Newcastle: in fact that's what stood out for me - the air of poverty and deprivation. Knew how to polish their boots, though...... unlike some....
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