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I've probably said this before Mr. Mystery, but Brutus have a different cut to Ben Sherman being wider around the chest and slimmer around the ribs/ waist which is why they would look better on girls. They certainly fit me better!
I have been having computer problems too...... very frustrating, you have my sympathy!As for colour and fashion, I agree, I always see the colours of clothes in the '60's as reflecting the optimism of the era. I think a lot of people seem to be afraid of colour now and stick with black because it's easy and you don't have to co-ordinate it (have you noticed how bad some people are at putting colours together?) So saying, I think teenagers do wear quite bright coloured...
We liked that one, Ed! How did she think they'd managed to puke that high up the wall.......talk about projectile!
Look a bit scruffy: they must be Northern Chelsea.
Hello and welcome: always nice to get a Northern perspective on things..... it gets a bit Southern round here sometimes (I am smiling sweetly as I say this!)
They don't call you Roy, by any chance?
Brideshead provided that link.
No, I hadn't seen it - could be interesting, but I'm not sure about the inclusion of the revival and afterwards.
I think at that age, age disparity is so important, but as you get older it almost ceases to matter. Just take this thread, where different generations (mostly) talk away happily on a shared subject!
All part of the 'folk devil' label that the establishment were so determined to brand Skinheads with, and still are to some extent. By the way, Stanley Cohen just died recently - I did try to read his book, but it was interminably tedious....I think some of the better images we've seen recently have been from people's private collections: those that were not 'styled' by the media to convey a vilified image of Skinhead.
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