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You forget, I know you!
Oi Roytonboy! Ye gunna answer my question??
No, but I am rather 'clear sighted' when it comes to spotting some potential mischief.... but you know that already!
I do like a bit of cats and pigeons. So, what is your precise definition of a Skinhead haircut? When you say you viewed Skinhead as being something separate from Mod, is that still how you see things or has the luxury of hindsight altered your perspective?
Yes AND they built the new monstrosity on the pit just to add insult to injury.... no industry and no proper terraces!
My little joke, polish with a small 'p' and a short 'o'.
Well said Roytonboy! Us in the North know something about polish too...........
I suppose it's like any fashion: there are those who are passionate about what they're doing and those who merely 'wear the clothes' because that's what their mates (and social group) are wearing / doing. How often are you walking along the street and you see someone in the right age range and you just know he was an old Skinhead because of the way he wears his clothes? That says to me that it had a big influence on some people and I suppose they're the ones who seek out...
You are, Mr.M.
Finally managed to catch up on the 300 and odd pages I'd got behind with: good job there was so much drivel and I'm an excellent skim-reader.............
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