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You're such a card, Bunty!
Thank-you Mr. K, I thought I could rely on you to empathise with my viewpoint.I have just ordered a copy of the book from Amazon, I shall enjoy reading it!I couldn't agree more: I find the modern-day world quite depressing in its ugliness and, although perhaps my view of the '60's is a trifle romanticised, it provides a balm against the utter lack of decorum and style that seems to populate the world today.
And Berni Inns of course!
I was alluding to their clothes in contrast to 'hippydom', not their behaviour and to the '60's in general being the last time clothes were, in my opinion, really smart. I suppose it's the smart end of Skinhead that appeals to me anyway..... some would say Mod....and the aggro, well that's just the icing on the cake!
They're from North Shields, Bob and I were talking to one of them a few months ago. It is a cracking photo!I feel as you do, anything that belittles the style raises my hackles. I would pick up such a book, but I wouldn't be impressed. I'm sure our resident dandy, the charming Mr. Knightley, would agree?For the record, I am greatly inspired by Mr. Knightley's dandyism: it tallies with my own fascination with clothes.
I'm smiling! If it is just an extension of Mod (that's certainly how I see it) then surely it has the same legacy as Mod? When I was a kid, I would look at photos of my parents in the '60's: how smart and stylish they looked (they knocked about with Mods, but didn't feel the need for a label) and then at how they looked in the '70's. Similarly with my dad's Rolling Stones LP covers: it struck me that the '60's were the last time people were truly smart, and what I term...
Hello you, enjoying the aggro?
I was well aware they were meant to be basies, I was commenting on his trouser length. Most of my mates went to the Twisted Wheel in the late '60's, I'm pretty sure those lads in the photo above would have termed themselves Mods.
We were having this very discussion the other night: how different your experience was to our mate who lived about 12 miles away from you and is the same age. I was well aware of the beret and driving gloves, I just saw them as worn with different looks. Thank-you, Roytonboy, you learn something new everyday!
Quite, Our Boy - I was just getting round to that next! The picture I posted is of lads from North Shields too - quite a Skinhead Mecca, so it seems!
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