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This is very good, catches your attention, then makes you think, then makes you think again. Titles can make quite a difference as to whether you even consider picking up a book or not. Whatever we may be told, books are judged by their covers (and titles)! It needs a more defining sub-title though.
I thought 'Walk Proud' Paul, but can't be sure: that's the working title on the last lot of work we did, many moons ago! Yes, to the private blog / messaging thing - no need to air our unfinished laundry in public!
Just catching up on the last few days posts! As regards the too tight shirt sleeves: that 'artificial' muscled look just wasn't the thing in the late '60's / early '70's - it's a modern fashion. Most teenage lads back then were on the slender side so the sleeves would not have been anything like as tight on them.
Thanks Elwood, that's very enlightening. Nothing like a bunch of Skinheads engaged on an etymological quest!
Strange, Watermelon man's quote seems to have got lost in transit!
That's interesting and Sunderland being a seafaring town it ties in rather well. Just out of interest the term 'monkey' was historically used in Sunderland to denote something evil or otherwise 'bad'.
When I was a kid I remember people saying 'it looks like a monkey jacket on you' implying a jacket was too short: a reference to barrel organ monkeys in their short jackets.
Good, it was meant as one!
Ah, I thought you looked sweet.
Yes, that surprised me a bit too! However they're not like the ones I wear which are very feminine looking, but that was what I was picturing when you mentioned them!
New Posts  All Forums: