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I have one (vintage '60s) - it's a lovely, luxurious sheepskin compared to others I've seen. Actually I wore it to one of our SF meetings. Thanks for the information: I always thought it was rather a comical name!
As Roytonboy knows, I'm friendly with the lad in the Blues & Soul article: he was a good friend of Dave Godin and he pronounces it Go-din.
I've started trawling for the relevant posts... may take a while! I think some of the discussion was off-forum and along the lines of 'wasn't seen up our way'. I'll post more when I get a minute.
I've already told you that.. are you becoming forgetful, Mr. M?!
I asked Bob what he thought the record was when that photo appeared on here (we'd seen it before) and that's exactly what he said. Great minds, eh Bunty?
No we haven't had them and yes, he was the drummer, Tim Harris. I was looking at photos of them recently, thinking he was definitely wearing the Look: he would have been 19 in 1967, likely a Mod (sporting the look we retrospectively can see as the early beginnings of Skinhead) by the look of him. Same age as Bunty's brother, I believe.
I think that reflects the ignorance of the owners and not of the public at large.
Thank-you Bob. Roytonboy had asked why the Look has such an enduring appeal and I replied with my personal perspective of why it appeals to me. As you get older you realise that thought and ideas are not formed in a vacuum and I wondered if anyone else might have a similar perspective?Anyone else having a problem posting? I have been struggling to post anything for the last two days (hence my tardy replies!). A message comes up saying it is a technical fault and to try...
Nothing in that media image of intolerant, aggro-loving Skinheads. You and Buttons should buff up on your skim reading, it really is most useful. Personally, I have no interest in the revival, but every now and then it throws up something that does make for a relevant discussion of the original Skinhead period. Just saying......
A fairly typical media interpretation of Skinhead, wouldn't you say, Bob?
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