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Then why not satire on the amusing 'cockney' accent as well? I see my photo of the smart Northern lads has been dismissed as it doesn't conform to the stereotype of the 'scruffy Northerner'. Northhamptonshire (where some of the photos he's used for the 'North' originate) is hardly classed as the North of England, the 'dividing line' generally being just south of Stoke-on-Trent.
OK, where to start? Firstly, this is not a critique of Loempiavreter's drawing skills as I can't draw for toffee!The understanding of Skinhead in the North is laughably primitive, but specifically there are a few oddities that jump out at me:The South:The lad with the salmon-coloured hair and runcible spoon for a hand: his trousers are too long and his sheepskin appears to be lacking a few buttons and, I don't know about everyone else, but every sheepskin I've ever owned...
I agree the girl is lovely, but those pictures...... I'll comment on them when I've picked myself up off the floor and overcome my hilarity.
That's not quite precise enough I'm afraid! Are you defining a Skinhead haircut as a machine-cut crop, too short to be influenced by a comb?
You forget, I know you!
Oi Roytonboy! Ye gunna answer my question??
No, but I am rather 'clear sighted' when it comes to spotting some potential mischief.... but you know that already!
I do like a bit of cats and pigeons. So, what is your precise definition of a Skinhead haircut? When you say you viewed Skinhead as being something separate from Mod, is that still how you see things or has the luxury of hindsight altered your perspective?
Yes AND they built the new monstrosity on the pit just to add insult to injury.... no industry and no proper terraces!
My little joke, polish with a small 'p' and a short 'o'.
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