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Surely that's the 80's? The jeans look way too tight for the 60's.
I always did like that girl, what good taste she has (that's Sunderland Rugby Club's strip she's wearing!)
Happy Birthday Ed! Me, behind the times as usual.... well you do get a bit behind when you're trying to live in 1968....
Yes I have, thank-you Graham.
[/quote]He'll be one of them scruffy Northerners........
Ah, is that what it was?
Got a clog dance to go with that?
Are you wearing clogs on that last photo? Need to work on your donkey fringe, though.....
Lots more reggae.......... we left early.
Great to see you too Mr.M, even though I had to express my concern over your mental state (rare reggae can do that). The asylum we discussed was Winterton, by-the-way.
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