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Quote: Originally Posted by browniecj Yes Mate,I have been there! Now, now you two!
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery I always remember them turning up at the college I was at for a gig, and I was saying to them "No, you shouldn't be wearing braces and a belt, and no skinhead would wear that t-shirt... those jeans should be Levis... those boots should be DMs..." So it wasn't Slade influencing skinheads, it was a skinhead influencing Slade! (You're way too flash, M-o-M!) I think more a case of being dressed-up by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lasttye More of Della, This looks suspiciously like one of those 'cheaper' shirts to me. Did girls have a different attitude to the lads as regards makes of shirts they would wear? Do you know when this one was taken?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lasttye This is Della August 69, What a lovely photograph, even if it wasn't of interest to us from a Skinhead point of view, it's very well taken.
Quote: Originally Posted by browniecj Yes,I believe they have-ask any Mod who was about in `62/63.They have taken bits and just shoved them together.Little Queenie apart(and I am not just saying this,as I know Her)other present day Skinhead Girls/Women would have been ribbed merciless by other Girls-by their Appearance.Look at Dana to see what I mean. Thank-you, Mr. Brown - I will have to buy YOU a drink next time I see you!
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery Just looking at that pic of Della reinforces the fact that girls in the revival (with honourable exceptions like our own Little Queenie) seem to get the style and attitude totally wrong. Why thank-you, Mr. Mystery.
Quote: Originally Posted by browniecj With the Markets,yes I did buy from them.I have already quoted Brixton Market but also Petticoat Lane(which in the `60s)was the best Market in the East End.The reason why I did this(remember that John started in the "Lane")was that the Ivy Shop was getting very expensive.The more popular it got ,so the more pricey it became.Through Rose-tinted Glasses we can remember the Ivy Shop,but if the truth became known,they got...
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery I've been up since sparrow's f***, Queenie. The shirt was exactly the ones we had - I recognised the description right away. Hard at work on the book, eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Man-of-Mystery Around my way me too, Roy! I think we must have been amongst the first blokes to jump on this... My brain is working overtime here. Your mate Alan - what did he look like and did he ever hang out in Lewisham? He was certainly the right side of the river. The first shirt I bought from Brewer St was light blue / yellow window pane check. I bought it because it was just a little bit different than the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lasttye These days i am bored by half time, fuck all to do but watch the Game. You certainly wouldn't go for sartorial tips nowadays!
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