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The alert has stopped working on my account too, M-o-M.
Wasn't it just by your funny accents?
Paisley scarves were definitely worn Up North originally.
That's what makes the thread so interesting, if everyone agreed with everyone else all the time it may well have run out of steam before now!
Something similar has occurred to me. Certainly 'the look' in the North had its own style and wasn't simply about copying what went on in London.By-the-way, where do you hail from?
I'm with you on this - distance from all that is crucial.
Not incomprehensible, just distasteful (personally speaking).
Glad you made it home Bunty. Thought you might still be circling York on the bus looking for 'Askam Bar'....
Yes, that's happened to me a few times - thought it was just my troublesome computer! The site is also very slow to load.
I think it's a great idea, Paul - controversy is always a good way to stimulate discussion! To me there is virtually no correlation between the attitude and dress of your generation's 'Skinhead' and that of the '70's revival and later. In fact 'attitude' is a salient point in this discussion of differences. I look forward to reading the fruits of your labour!
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