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Speak fer yersel!
When I am not so tired, I'll remember where the picture came from! I've had it a while..... It was tagged by the lad on the bottom left of the photo as being 1970. The Zephyr is an 'H' reg. Think they might have been from Northampton way. Harry might know.
That's funny............. can't imagine many people from Scotland going on holiday in Margate! I believe that photo is from 1970.
Hear, hear.....
Same thing happened to me, the message had been sent to the 'junk' folder of my email account, I re-classified it as 'not junk' and the alerts have worked ever since. Not sure that the 'not junk' moniker is apt, though: been a little lacking in posts by the '60's Skinheads of late............ and all the disparaging 'Northern' comments - especially by people who aren't even British...... need I say more?
A blind hem, dear.
Couldn't agree more Harry!
Be round to yours for the cheese and pineapple hedgehog then.......... you can keep the Watneys! Happy Christmas to you too.
Yes, it was the same up here. That date makes sense for the pinafores. Photos are always appreciated, but I know how families can be!
Thanks Harry. I have worn a pinafore before as a '71 look, though not my style these days. Do you or your sister remember when she wore them? Pre or post the more overt Skinhead clothes? It's good to clarify descriptions: sometimes we end up talking at cross purposes on this thread!
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