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I think it's a great idea, Paul - controversy is always a good way to stimulate discussion! To me there is virtually no correlation between the attitude and dress of your generation's 'Skinhead' and that of the '70's revival and later. In fact 'attitude' is a salient point in this discussion of differences. I look forward to reading the fruits of your labour!
Me too!
I have to agree with you. The longer hair and the length of the girl in yellow's dress say early '70's to me.
That makes sense, Roy and, as I know you'll appreciate, if you wear something well it looks stylish - if you wear it badly it looks tacky...... and we've all seen plenty of that.....
Let us know if you need any help..... not with Bunty's school shorts, though...
As regards the photo of the haircut, I agree it has a 'homemade' look about it and she looks very young..... not exactly the sophisticated end of things!
Glad we've agreed on that, then! I agree with MoM about your shorts...........
Absolutely! Much more variety in autumn and winter......knitwear, sheepskins.... I'm bored with summer already!
Hello Brownie, just been looking for the picture of you in the suit (this new site is taking a bit of getting used to), but couldn't make out the hankie. Don't think you'd said what colour your suit was, did you? Looks light - beige? Very smart in any case.
Pocket 'square' sounds very American to me, I have always thought of them more as pocket 'hankies'........ did you choose yours to co-ordinate with a particular item of clothing you were wearing?
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