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I suspect I am a little younger than you as I was doing my 'A' Levels in the late '80's and went to Church High, but my son goes to Thornhill. I know the area between The Barnes and The Rosedene very well, we lived at Holmlands Park at the time. We may well still know some people in common, though!
Local or locale?I suppose the former would be the Chesters, but I can't say I've been there more than twice! I am from Ashbrooke originally, how about you?
Oh dear...... I think you'd better!
And it's all the same (over exaggerated Geordie) accent that the dialect coach teaches them!
It's absolutely awful. I can only think that they're not aiming at accuracy in any sense. The accents are dreadful (can't they find actors from the North East?). Oh how I love the ubiquitous 'Geordie' accent.... all the way from Northumberland to Durham (just like the area Inspector George Gently seems to cover.......). I must be on my own here... we all know it's terrible, but imagine how cringe-worthy when it's meant to be set in your neck of the woods!!
You were talking to one last year in Glasgow...
I am nodding sagely, Roytonboy... you know the look!
I'm glad you said that, I think perspective is at play here. Some people are keen to see the changes, others the continuity: to me it's all a continuation, but I think that's a more Northern perspective.
Well said Mr. Royton! I would expect nothing less from you, being a Northerner an', I'm saying's an underground scene and, despite all the crass commercialism surrounding it lately, always will be to those in the know... as I'm sure you'll agree.
That's a fair point, Monsieur Clouseau.
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