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Hello you, enjoying the aggro?
I was well aware they were meant to be basies, I was commenting on his trouser length. Most of my mates went to the Twisted Wheel in the late '60's, I'm pretty sure those lads in the photo above would have termed themselves Mods.
We were having this very discussion the other night: how different your experience was to our mate who lived about 12 miles away from you and is the same age. I was well aware of the beret and driving gloves, I just saw them as worn with different looks. Thank-you, Roytonboy, you learn something new everyday!
Quite, Our Boy - I was just getting round to that next! The picture I posted is of lads from North Shields too - quite a Skinhead Mecca, so it seems!
You've contacted him haven't you, what did he say? From my understanding Nick Knight was a photography student, who produced a book about London Skinheads in the '80's, he included a section on the origins of Skinhead, for which he 'talked to' people who had been Skinheads during the period 1967-1972. I presume from this he commissioned Jim Ferguson, an original Skinhead and professional illustrator, to write a piece about the evolution of the style during this period and...
Is there anyone else on this forum from Leicester? I don't think we can say the clothes depicted in the drawings are wrong, he was reproducing the look as seen by him in his area.I think if there's one thing that we have learnt from this forum, it's that the look had many regional variations and that those variations can't be dismissed as being 'not Skinhead' simply because they were not acknowledged at part of the style by Skinheads in other areas.
Worn all together as one outfit?
Merci beaucoup Monsieur.
Bien dit, mon ami (excuse my terrible French). Jim Ferguson's exquisite drawings were lampooned on this forum, yet these drawings are deemed acceptable?
Well said, my tall friend. Especially daft when expressed by one who does not even hail from this scepter'd isle............
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