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Or not?
Good find, always beneficial to get insight into the context. Amusing lack of understanding, but what can we expect!
Yes it's all a bit opaque (and probably a good thing too!)
Well done, Bunty dear... knew I could rely on you to introduce a bit of class into the proceedings.....
Sorry to arrive late to the party, but that was my thought as the same name is attached to a photo of one of the others in that group.
Looks like one of those photos and has the same appellation: 'Mike Dow, 1969'.
Yeah, spotting the locations is one of the few good bits!6 fingers are all the better for catching monkeys though.
Oh that 'Northern Soul' one was truly terrible! I thought the latest series was partly shot in Hartlepool, is that area called the Headland, with the lovely old houses overlooking the sea? I've no idea where it's supposed to be set, Durham? Newcastle? I'll say one thing for them, they get about - Northumberland all the way down to Hartlepool, that's one hell of an area for one police station to cover!
I really don't think they make any attempt at historical accuracy, rather it's on the level of fancy dress. I always think it's like 'Heartbeat', but for evening viewing. Hair and make-up is always poor, costumes shoddy and inaccurate, no attempt made to disguise plastic double-glazed windows, and story lines and character attitudes just plain wrong for the 60's, the only concession being casual racism and sexism. We all know the BBC can produce exemplary period drama, but...
Name doesn't ring a bell. I only went there in the sixth form, my parents sent us all the way through to Newcastle Church High until I was 16: as you can imagine it wasn't ideal being from Sunderland and a bit isolating! I Can't say private schools are my cup of tea, but my parents thought they were doing us a favour! I've been very happy with Thornhill for my boy and Bede is a sixth form college now. PM me if you like, as I'm sure we're boring everyone else to death!
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