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It seems Roytonboy knew exactly what I meant and, therefore, the point has been made. We often discuss music and are both Soul fans, that's it, nothing more. I know you have a very different attitude to music, but Roytonboy and I have very much the same one and, therefore, he took the point as being relevant to 'our' music....which was what we were discussing.Think unless we want to bore the rest of the forum to death with the 'battle of the pedants' - I'll leave it there!
Well, this photo depicts an earlier time than the previous one and I think it belongs with a set taken in Great Yarmouth in '69. Could be a case of mistaken identity, so best not proceed with the arrest just yet! More evidence required. As to the behaviour, there's always one who likes to show off for the camera, particularly lads on holiday! I agree, it is a bit outrè for 1969!
Maybe so, but in the North at the time the kind of people we are would have referred to that format of record in that genre as 'LP's. I thought we were discussing the late Mod to Suedehead period on this forum, though lately I wonder....
Oh, go on then, I forgive you.
Had a look and I can't find it, I shall leave it to you and your investigative skills!
I have to agree, but for the sake of regional differences I gave it a bit of wiggle room, but up north it's a much more likely '71 look.
Now, as you know, I hold you in the highest esteem, but what's all this 'album' stuff? 'LP' surely, album is all '70s and long hair and flares and Pink Floydy...or something to keep your photos in........
Well now, Monsieur... this photo rings a bell, especially the lad on the far right, though I think perhaps he's in a different photo. Looks most unlikely for '68, I'd say '70 at the earliest. Any takers?
But with a much better haircut!
No, I don't think I've seen that one. I like it, certainly from a clothes discussion point of view it's a good shot. Avant-garde, that's us all right.........
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