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I am nodding sagely, Roytonboy... you know the look!
I'm glad you said that, I think perspective is at play here. Some people are keen to see the changes, others the continuity: to me it's all a continuation, but I think that's a more Northern perspective.
Well said Mr. Royton! I would expect nothing less from you, being a Northerner an' all..........me, I'm saying nowt...it's an underground scene and, despite all the crass commercialism surrounding it lately, always will be to those in the know... as I'm sure you'll agree.
That's a fair point, Monsieur Clouseau.
Surely that's the 80's? The jeans look way too tight for the 60's.
I always did like that girl, what good taste she has (that's Sunderland Rugby Club's strip she's wearing!)
Happy Birthday Ed! Me, behind the times as usual.... well you do get a bit behind when you're trying to live in 1968....
Yes I have, thank-you Graham.
[/quote]He'll be one of them scruffy Northerners........
Ah, is that what it was?
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