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Well thank-you for that! Yes, most definitely Bill Black for me, a great 'pre-Northern' record, big at the Wheel. I am familiar with the Chuck Berry version though as my dad likes him, and Georgie Fame, Alan Price etc. My mam and dad used to go and see The Animals a lot as they were resident band at a club in Newcastle. I said before that they knocked about with mates who were Mods, but didn't go in for calling themselves a particular name, so the association of that type...
Well, just caught up on 800 plus pages, I'm a quick reader, but that was rather exhausting! Much to my dismay, I see redheads lampooned (une injustice flagrante) and my less than efficient transcribing skills being highlighted! Well, on the second point, I will concede a lack of progress (though not will). Mr. Mystery, please email me what you need me to do and I promise to get on with it (honest). As for the squabbling, seems I can't leave you boys alone for a minute!...
Right on!
Yeah, you left just when it was getting good up here, Roytonboy would know what I mean!
Always good to have Roytonboy on your side in a scrap! Ha, us proper Northerners do like to stick together!
Interesting, though odd to imagine Steven Berkoff, who I always picture in his early TV roles as the baddie's henchman! He's older than I thought. It's a comment often made that each youth cult thinks it has invented the concept, but the similarities are striking.
Am I being reprimanded? Roytonboy knew what I meant!
Yes that's the Great Yarmouth '69 photo I referred to earlier, but I don't think that's the same lad in the damaged (71) photo. There's definitely a photo of that lad too that I've seen, but I can't seem to find it now. Thanks for your efforts.
Maybe a general 60's thing too? I remember my dad doing that, in fact I think he still does.
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