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Well, just caught up on 800 plus pages, I'm a quick reader, but that was rather exhausting! Much to my dismay, I see redheads lampooned (une injustice flagrante) and my less than efficient transcribing skills being highlighted! Well, on the second point, I will concede a lack of progress (though not will). Mr. Mystery, please email me what you need me to do and I promise to get on with it (honest). As for the squabbling, seems I can't leave you boys alone for a minute!...
Right on!
Yeah, you left just when it was getting good up here, Roytonboy would know what I mean!
Always good to have Roytonboy on your side in a scrap! Ha, us proper Northerners do like to stick together!
Interesting, though odd to imagine Steven Berkoff, who I always picture in his early TV roles as the baddie's henchman! He's older than I thought. It's a comment often made that each youth cult thinks it has invented the concept, but the similarities are striking.
Am I being reprimanded? Roytonboy knew what I meant!
Yes that's the Great Yarmouth '69 photo I referred to earlier, but I don't think that's the same lad in the damaged (71) photo. There's definitely a photo of that lad too that I've seen, but I can't seem to find it now. Thanks for your efforts.
Maybe a general 60's thing too? I remember my dad doing that, in fact I think he still does.
It seems Roytonboy knew exactly what I meant and, therefore, the point has been made. We often discuss music and are both Soul fans, that's it, nothing more. I know you have a very different attitude to music, but Roytonboy and I have very much the same one and, therefore, he took the point as being relevant to 'our' music....which was what we were discussing.Think unless we want to bore the rest of the forum to death with the 'battle of the pedants' - I'll leave it there!
New Posts  All Forums: