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Does this thread make anybody else extremely hungry?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylin-1 +1 Chucks or Stan Smiths work well for me. They look ok and they're cheap. +1 Stan Smiths are definitely worth considering..
I think it's going to be a january jobby tbh.
At the moment, my hair is a mess. However, I think it looks OK, if not quite good when wearing a beanie. Showing off the fringe. It's one of those beanies with the extra material so it saggs at the back (me and my friends call them scrott hats). Anyway, do you think these are stylish at all in a casual, young scene? I've considered even going clubbing in it. Thoughts?
Thanks for sharing mate! Bump..
Not a fan of the white on those shoes. However, if I did wear them it'd probably be with jeans and a casual shirt and a nice belt OFC.
Make a Trebuchet Really easy to do, just look up a simple guide online or video or something. Probably wont take all week though. (I would suggest a Trebuchet however, as i'm an Engineer xD)
I saw Booka Shade live on Friday and it was incredible xD
I ate simply last night. I made Chicken wrapped in Bacon with some Roquefort cheese melting inbetween the layers. I served this simply with chips and a prawn salad. It was bloody delicious considering I made it in 20 minutes.
I only do like 5 miles or so a day.. probably about 30ish a week =/ Perhaps I better ride more, although my bike is extremely rubbish. What bikes would you guys reccomend that don't break the budget? (Ideally i'd only like to spend £200 / $300)
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