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Are these each gold tone or are some silver tone? It's a bit difficult to discern in the photos.
What's the fabric composition? (Percentage/type of wool, synthetic, etc.) Thanks.
If Lincecum + bullpen (perhaps) can outpitch Lee tomorrow night, then the Giants have a shot. If not, they'll have to have phenomenal performances from both Cain and Sanchez for any kind of shot. I'm curious to see if Zito makes the roster. I think he might be able to come through if called on, even in a relief role. Jeez the Giants have a lot of lefties--Sanchez, Bumgarner, Zito, Affeldt, ...who am I forgetting?
A previous poster mentioned this, but you're not increasing your capacity, just your tolerance. If you drink more, you're becoming more intoxicated, no matter how much your brain adapts. That's the warning. Now, if your goal is "drinking with the rugby buddies," as you mentioned before, then do what my Belgian friend does for his party trick of having pint-chugging races: Use your finger in the back of the throat. Keep emptying your stomach, you're free to drink...
I've seen these on occasion around town, but not sure of what the shoe is called. It looks like a basic, plain oxford, but slim across the top and with a rounder toe than a dress shoe. Something I'd want as a durable, plain walking shoe for about town. The kind of thing you'd see on more working-class characters in old films or illustrations. Not necessarily describing it perfectly, but that's the best I can figure out. If anyone has links or images, that'd be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron It's not a fair tag. He wrote at the Nation for years, and 9-11 turned him into a single issue Bush supporter, though he remained generally liberal on most other things. Before 9-11, Hitchens turned very right on Clinton. But then he wrote and researched the case against Henry Kissinger piece in Harper's. He's also just come out w/ his latest work as an atheist. He's all over the map, mainly in a place...
Pathetic diversion. Damn liberal MSM.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Isn't that more likely a problem of the courts? No. * * * I'm a fan of Bloomberg's for the most part, but I don't agree with the way this was done. I think the main reason it was pushed through didn't actually have to do with him, though--it was Christine Quinn. Now she's pulled it in for him, I think she's willing to wait another 4 years and continue building her resume while garnering...
Quote: Originally Posted by meister +1 You could do what we do Down Under and have compulsory voting with $50 fines for miscreants...any views? I'd guess compulsory voting in the US would be stricken down as un-Constitutional.
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