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another musical inspiration from Duke Dumonthttp://youtu.be/FHCYHldJi_gthis is turning out to be summerlicious
having a slice of strawberry icebox cake with Marc Jacobs x Bast tote at Magnolia Bakery
pics or it didn't happenIs that porkchop?
@ kid nickels ooooooh can we see your girl in Marc Jacobs......
Just the two of us? Ok, then after lets have dinner at Ponderosa
you two are too skinny and your dogs are too fat.
FYI I don't spend hundreds of thousand of dollars on my MJs, they were given to me as gifts from lovers for a job well done The baggy blue jeans is perfect for the early 90s dance club look I was channeling forhttp://youtu.be/med4F27LSUc
POP art bag inspiration: smooth soothing sounds of AM & Shawn Lee http://youtu.be/twQ36y3u60M I'm so tempted to spoof but don't wanna be rude Bonus: oh sheet, I just got sum ideas for sum shirts, when it rains, it pours. Yes cum back to me HERMES x COLABEAR x GAP collaboration
this is cool! now it makes me wanna DIY a bag. I'm gonna make me a bag, a pop art inspired one
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