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so nothing is interesting me in the clothing department so I'm just been buying bags. Anyone up for a reveal?
coin purse & bracelet
garlic fried rice, fried skirt steak, sunny eggs for lunch sweet plantains braised in simple syrup, brown sugar, & vanilla served with crushed ice, evaporated milk, & tapioca pearls
Jil Sander leather tote $595 minus 20% off minus $25 first time buyer @
afternoon snack reveal
No need for those when I can have fresh live ones anytime of day. I did get something to symbolize the after effects of such activityroar baby roar
They say Big Things Come In Small Packages, but I prefer big packages any guessesess?
It's been so long since the last time I visited this forum that it feels like I'm new to Styleforum and the last time I was here, I was still never been touched, but not anymore.
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