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DIY shirt Gap jeans Vans leather sneakers deets
the hat is just ok. what makes it look good is Lorcan's face, You a model? The jacket and hat combo reminds me of M from this music video http://youtu.be/mfbmQYJEyKA
luv that shirt @ syek. They had that in my local barneys and only came in S and Ms. The print and fabric in that is beautiful
lunch date w/ mom on Monday Me Comme des Garcons shirt Gap jean shorts Converse snakeskin Jack Purcells Mr Kim cap Mom Anthropologie top Gap denim culottes Comme des Garcons Play sneakers Marc Jacobs bag wut we ate Pork & Beans Vacherin
arty tees are the new slutty tees
Arty Tee x 2 and dinner for 1 @ Mott St Marc Jacobs Keith Haring Stuffed Cabbage Frozen banana dipped in chocolate and nutted FYI there's no innuendo in tonight's menu and the kimchee from the stuffed cabbage made me extra gassy pfffffff
It works as a runway/editorial look and even here in SF, but in real life I think each pieces is better worn separately
DIY oxford shirt w/ contrasting foulard print sleeves and built-in pinstriped vest Gap cut-off jean shorts Dr Martens 8053 Mulberry bag
@ el colonello : ) You must be a really really smart man to own and I assume have read all the books in your book shelf
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