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my pleasure
Hirsch, can I make a suggestion? Since you like wearing shirts, have you considered trying shirt dresses. I think you will look pretty in them and since summer is coming, would it be nice to break out of those naked and famous jeans and expose a little skin make it a little exciting for the boyfriendBoth of these are from Christian Dior Spring 2014Look 10 Surplus Neckline shirt dressLook 11 Cold Shoulder shirt dressI would also love to see you in this Look 29 Chanel...
this jeans used to look like this. I've been wearing it a lot so it looks like it stretched.8 months agonowI can taper the inseam but it's a bitch opening up the seams of jeansI just noticed it looks my crotch is wet. I don't know what that is maybe just a shadow
Polo RL Helmsley tweed parka some Italian brand from Nordy Rack donegal tweed sweater Gap jeans Barena patchwork scarf Timberland x Po-Zu collab suede boots
No I'm not. I'm not promiscuous
all I can say is " if it's not broken, don't fix it "
having the case of the Regis Margiela murse Margiela knitted captain's hat all I need is a beard, OP aviators and sum nipple clamps and I'm ready for The Castro hahaha jk
You look great!! You carry the Saint Laurent rocker-chic look really well and it helps to have a longer hairstyle. The jeans are fine, you look comfortable in them. I'm not sure if you can add something over the leather soles of the boots because it will prevent them from breathing and might cause damage.
for an extra $295, you can get this Hawaiian shirt
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