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I go for the interlock
nice scarf...I wish I have someone who knits me a scarf Marc Jacobs will do it for now
practicing my moves for the NYE partay Timomatic http://youtu.be/4J6v3PBlb0c
I got this sage green bedale for my brother. I like this better than the beaufort because of the shorter length which looks better with the fitted jacket. The knitted ribbed cuffs on the sleeves are also more comfortable.
^ merry christmas woohoo...
Jamie your name makes me think of this show http://youtu.be/pniDfPCab8Q
I like the sweater. What food did you buy?
May I entice you guys with some fur? beaver fur backpack fox fur trapper mink boa 60% off @ Marc Jacobs
you should have left out the shirt and just wore the vest underneath the jacket. It would have made your wet hair look believable like you've been riding your water scooter around town. The printed pants look baroque-qy just like the new look of the sky buildings with the giant raw-sculpted limestone/marble lobbies and metal and plexiglass floor levels. You must not forget the visibility sunnies, not only will add cool factor, it's a necessity for this dark, rainy days...
Thanks Isachenko. The scarf is actually a medium brown color in person and the black leopard spots have a metallic lurex thread woven into it. This scarf feels like sex, I luv it so much.
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