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POP art bag inspiration: smooth soothing sounds of AM & Shawn Lee http://youtu.be/twQ36y3u60M I'm so tempted to spoof but don't wanna be rude Bonus: oh sheet, I just got sum ideas for sum shirts, when it rains, it pours. Yes cum back to me HERMES x COLABEAR x GAP collaboration
this is cool! now it makes me wanna DIY a bag. I'm gonna make me a bag, a pop art inspired one
Marc Jacobs cashmere cardi RL Denim & Supply foliage print shirt Gap blue jeans Dr Martens
It's funny you said that. But please, I'm not a primadona and I encountered a couple of those in the mall today. The ones in particular are the skanky looking ones who are in a interracial couple but their significant other is the better looking one. Earlier today one of those primadona types gave me a nasty look and I wasn't even checking out her white boyfriend. She was prolly insecure, since I'm looking good lately coz of my continuing weight loss. I can't help it ...
@ mall food court
got my hair did tonight DIY shirt Gap cargo shorts New Balance 577
^ I changed my mind
Gap shirt & jeans New Balance 577
^ did you snag that from The Real Real?
nice wax-job, are you a swimmer?
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