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so of all the nominees this year, who do you think is deserving? Eddie Redmayne of the Danish Girl? Back to back Oscars?
some Disclosure to add some excitement and anticipation for the Reveal http://youtu.be/8nZStMpEDio
ah ok, but it adds to the suspense
why not? He's long overdue for an Oscar. Just that bear scene alone deserves him an Oscar
why not? I think it's fun and it's like sharing in that joyful feeling after making a purchase to inspire others to do the same
it came in a box, feels like christmas again
anyone up for a Reveal?!
Just saw Carol and The Revenant. Great acting from both Cate & Leo, but who am I to judge them for their acting skills, I'm not good in acting, but really good work from both of them. I hope they win Oscars
I thought he was channeling the male counterpart of Charlotte Gainsbourg in a Louis Vuitton ad by Juergen Teller
you so silly...I give you a colabear hug for your effort it's a computer bag in chocolate lambskin for carrying my Ipad to Starbucks so I can have my mocha Frapu while browsing SFthanks for letting me share...
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