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so here are pics
I don't really wanna give mor deets on both LJs because I want to base my decision on which brand you guys think manufactures better and has more prestige. The Margiela is made of a thinner leather to allow design manipulation and the RRL is made of a thicker leather that compliments it's updated-classic shape
thanks for the input. If you are to choose between these 2 brands though, which one would you buy?
I'm torn between a Margiela or a RRL leather jacket. I don't want to show pics but will do with the chosen one. With your knowledge of these brands, which brand should I go for? Just a clue: the RRL buttons up and it's classy while the Margiela zips up and the design is cray
like a month ago.
he was standing by the corner waiting for me to finish taking my pic
I like the uniqlo one. it looks like a monclear
I go for the interlock
nice scarf...I wish I have someone who knits me a scarf Marc Jacobs will do it for now
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