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@ jimmyhoffa- there is a slim fit bedale that's only available in the Japanee market. SL Bedale in bark but you can also purchase it @ http://www.endclothing.co.uk/brands/barbour/barbour-japanese-lightweight-sl-bedale-jacket-179526.html
Marc Jacobs pink cashmere beanie Barbour sage Beaufort some Italian brand from Nordy Rack donegal tweed sweater Gap jeans Timberland x Po-Zu collab suede boots
watching Divergent
400 is not worth it. Just look at his crotch, his balls are protruding coz it's angry and cold. What if it gets frostbite? Do you think $400 is enough to compensate them
Oh really...is there an award a prize for competing in the challenge? Or a consolation prize if you lose because I don't think its worth it to freeze your balls off just to compete in this challenge
Cute comme jacket but are you not cold? It's like 25 degrees today
Get the neutral color to get more mileage out of them. Leonardo wears one of these
not all garments are of higher quality at Barneys. You pay the price for new designer merchandise but you can get out of season quality garments at discount retailers for cheap. I only get something at Barneys for an interesting piece from my favorite designer. Basics like jeans and everyday casual sweaters I get from Jcrew or the Gap. The suit program at Barneys is pretty good so if you can afford them and have a job or a special occasion that requires wearing suits,...
my pleasure
Hirsch, can I make a suggestion? Since you like wearing shirts, have you considered trying shirt dresses. I think you will look pretty in them and since summer is coming, would it be nice to break out of those naked and famous jeans and expose a little skin make it a little exciting for the boyfriendBoth of these are from Christian Dior Spring 2014Look 10 Surplus Neckline shirt dressLook 11 Cold Shoulder shirt dressI would also love to see you in this Look 29 Chanel...
New Posts  All Forums: