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wow, that donkey coat is super hot! I mean figuratively not because you are wearing it in that type of weather like a rockstar, but hey, you kinda look like a lite version of michael fassbender so I guess it's ok. Have you seen the fall 2015 prorsum show? There's a lot of donkey coats in it
Pics have magazine editorial quality. Great job sir, you did the photos? very poignant and cinematic in a Christopher Nolan/Steve Mc Queen Memonto/Shame kind of way
Who said you can't buy me love? My 2 luvs: Marc Jacobs & Madonna Marc Jacobs sweater Madonna Rebel Heart album pre-ordered from ITunes and you get Living for Love now Living for Love http://youtu.be/zbeTpLVlyZQ
foking sheet this Raf/Ruby parka just went on sale @ RSVP gallery but I just got an Ervell parka from Notre. Now I know the feeling when you bought something that you don't really really want but the price is good and it fits so you buy it and then you find out that what you really really want goes on sale @mike868y
dressing up for below 0 degree weather. Spiewak snorkel parka Calvin Klein sweater Gap jeans New Balance 577 sneakers Marc Jacobs cashmere beanie (no see) Band of Outsiders cashmere gloves (no see) Uniqlo Heattech (no see)
luv the aubergine fit filoninoWelcome back King Julien!!
Patrick Ervell parka from Notre. This place carries many brands that you guys like Here is a rack of some of their Visvim offering
what I wanted for Christmas but unfortunately didn't get.....a vacuum
great job on the dye job. I'm thinking of dyeing my camo cargo pants black too. Do you have to wash the pants a few times to get rid of the excess dye before wear. I'm afraid of getting black balls hehehe....I guess it's not bad to get black balls if it comes with a black d_ck to go with it ; €
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