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Being inspired by AlgisLT's blue jeans & white tee look got me searching for espadrilles and a statement necklace
I like this, I'm feeling this white tee & blue jeans look right now.Maybe jazz it up with a silver necklaceand these Guiseppes
5 zip and pookeymon....the irony
It's because they dress for the internets
Congrats C4est and missus!! I also got myself sun & moon
Robert Mapplethorpe's Fire in HandDon't put your hand in the fire or you'll get burned, Lorcan....Temptation indeed Look at the stars,Look how they shine for you,And everything you do,Yeah, they were all yellow
since I was not asked to take over the styleforum instagram.Cheers!I also went to Barneys and bumped into Robbie and purchased a Wyoming tee from him. Too shy to ask for a photo with him
Eat a bag of Garret popcorn while riding the up sized Ferris wheel at Navy Pier and take some aerial shotsGet some sandwiches and mini bottles of champagne at Goddess & the Grocer and have a mini picnic at Millennium Park and take photosGet a hot fudge sundae at the new Ghirardelli near the Chicago river and take it to go and eat it sitting on the steps of the Chicago River Walk or even better go for a river boat tour and take picsGo to Barneys and look for Robbie take...
Absolutely Fabulous! I love everything about this outfit Lorcan, including you (luv the luscious lips, hair...) hehehe. No really it's really great looking and mostly because of you, you fine specimen you. I love the seaming detail of the Soloist coat. Also how the blue, raw, unfinished seams play with the blue floral print shirt (talk about attention to detail). I was instantly drawn to the colors of the outfit; blue and green is my fave color combo and the color of the...
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