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Ok, that didn't sound right. Let me rephraseNerd who's trying to be friends with the jocks. Now that he's buddy buddy with the jocks, he attracts the girls and scores
I don't know if its just me but Casey you look very blooming lately like your face is getting more handsome and handsomer as you age; the cleft chin is also hot I've seen this look here so many times that to me it's like fart, ok it passed..next. Maybe if you add a little personal style like you seem like studious to me with your glasses so if you wear a plaid shirt such as, you can play the part of a nerd who's trying to be friends with the jocks type of look who is a...
I've been cutting down diet sodas and drinking water with crystal light
It's a size 44 or XXL from Japanese brand N. Hoolywood. I'm just not sure of the sizing if they run smaller since its a Japanese brand
Is it 2" on each side or 2" total? If it is 2" total, just keep it the way it is. It will save you $ and the chance of ruining the fabric when opening up the seams
why would you want to that? It is an outerwear meant to be worn as outer layer for wearing outdoors. If you try to tailor it as you described, all you can wear underneath is a tank top
fall 2001, I believe it was only womenswear that was presented during the show and no menswear.
fyi the " little drummer boy" collection was fall 2002 and I don't think Richard Chai was working on that collection
The jacket is cute and I like the deets on it. I would just wear a simple crew sweater underneath or something with a pattern like an argyle sweater or stripey knits.I don't like the color of the shoes. Go with a brown or black, and finally, you look like Mark Ruffalo the actor who played the Hulk in the Avengers movie [[SPOILER]] [/quote]
mine is $45 hihi
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