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thoughts on this lambskin leather jacket, I really like the color
Talking of Wire.Artist, one of the pieces here is fostered from his coveted collection:- David, great pieces and interesting looks. May I suggest some accessories to complete the look
I'd wear this.
Wow, those vegetables look ginormous Victor. They are about the same size as the meat, impressive! And you look really nice
haircut looks good Listi. Now yo need to get rid of the painted nails
I fit in my skinny Marc Jacobs trench coat again ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhKeep up the good work buddy, more powers to us
nonchalant, directional, budding, sweet, I can go on and on describing this fit. take notes boys this is the definition of swag. Tween welcome back
I don't see how this fit can look bad. I wish I can be this size. Maybe in another 4 months. And plus he looks like a built guy that can properly defend himself when somebody jumps him in the street
My guess is it's a fake Birkin coz this guy posted pics of 3 different graffitied Birkins. Maybe it will be more valuable than an original price of a Birkin coz this guy is a wll known artist
I'm 6' and 240, is dat bad? Just my googled my ideal weight and it's 164-188, damn
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