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I was looking for a waist length cotton jacket in a khaki color and I found this at yoox too will jazz it up with my Barena scarf
I haven't worn a pair of jack purcells for a loooong time. I got me some new ones in white snake and meee sooo hornay
I recently bought a leather tote by Beams+ from Mr.Porter. It's nice, I like it. Or this Marc Jacobs bag from the Corner
Just a random dog question, why do dogs like to lick on human hands? So I was waiting in line to pay for my shoes at a store when a pittbull terrier started licking my hand. I somewhat shrieked from the thought that the dog was gonna bite my hand but the dog owner noticed and pulled the dog away. I was so grossed out. I hurriedly went to the restroom to wash my hands.
at first glance, I thought your room was a clothing store
I go for Gap denims. Some of their washes look current and i usually go for the Standard fit. They used to carry skinny fit in size 40 a couple seasons ago, but they discontinued it.
Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it
I'm wearing suspenders thats causing that pulling drape effect on the front of the jeans. Do they go up to size 42?
you can say whatever you want Teger, it is the internets anyway
thanks for the suggestion Dlester.I saw the movie OZ and the theater where it's playing is near the lake so it was cold and windy thus the layers. The cargo pockets are also useful for sneaking in my favorite chocolate covered gummy bears and sour patch peaches in the theaters but they have barbecue chicken pizza at the concessions so I had that instead
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