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Not to sound like a fashion snob but I think it's fine for a nondescript outfit. Maybe add some color and graphic with a tee like these from Zaraand a pair or Jimmy Choos
my brother went to San Francisco recently and his top 3 things he did there is Fisherman's wharf and ate seafood Alcatraz tour rented a car and drove to Napa Valley for wine tour He liked Etoile restaurant and Tommy Toy's he also liked Union Made and got me a couple of stuff there.
this is cool, good job with the DIY
Casey, it takes more than that to entice mehi stichy which rhymes with itchy y sticky
Regis, you are just so snakey and crocky. is that an Anaconda?
sup Summertime http://vimeo.com/33111686
creamy Regis ; )
sup Teger "Pradaddy"/dawgy
durian is yummy, the smell is just unbearable.
blah blah blah blah blah but no fit pics
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