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What's tfln?
it's Fat Tuesday and I'm going out to eat...what to wear?
how about Arthur Hiller's Love Story? It's a good film for style inspirations if you're into classic American preppy style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxOs2ZGRALU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
ra ra ah ah ahroma roma magaga ooh la lahow was the concert? I don't have plans next Thursday and thinking of seeing her for the first time.
mikey your hometown team won!
The chocolate covered potato chips from Neimans are soooo yummy.
bandito is that jacket reversible? If it is, cooool
shoulder strap is too short to carry as a crossbody, but it's fine as a shoulder bag. the leather quality also seems ok and I'm curious to see how the color of the leather will age as it wears. The quirky upside down design is also interesting like a piece of contemporary art.I will use this bag when I'm wearing my DIY Martin Moarjelly coat.
can I get 5 pounds of pork belly please.
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