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I love that brand the Madly. I particularly like the Hemingway style. If I buy another bag, that will be it but right now I don't need a new bag since I just recently bought 2 Marc Jacobs this year I just searched google to know more about the company and just found out that one of the 2 designers for Madly is a Filipina and the products are produced in the Philippines. cool to know, I love the Madly even more
I can't like or spoil using iPad
Yes! you noticed. Just so I can post a pic And also a random post. So I can avoid the stampede of tourists, I took a bus down Michigan Ave. The lady sitting across from me who looked normal and sane was picking on her nose like there were no people around her and then she ate it. WTF. And then a few minutes later a middle aged guy who also looked normal and sane asked a girl if it was ok to sit next to her and the girl replied yes and the guy gave her a bad look and went...
I couldn't find a mirror so no fit pics, but today I wore Polo RL waxed cotton jacket Polo RL merino wool sweater Polo RL jeans Gap x Saturdays & cap New Balance 574 Some pics hey Regis Philbin corned beef on rye, latke, and kreplach for lunch
Going to the fabric store to get some notions and trims and such. Coat is looking super-cute, definitely the best one yet. Only the best DIY spoof piece for my idol Marc Jacobs. Sad to hear that his apartment was affected by Sandy, but that's ok material things can be replaced. Good to know that he is fine and safe. I'm hoping to get this all done near thanksgiving before my schedule goes crazy
yum yum
how untweenkspirit of you
I don't want to sound selfish and greedy. However, I think you shouldn't feel bad for rewarding yourself from your hard work. Whether its a yohji garment, a vacation or whatever. It's also good to help people, but you know sometimes you wonder if those people you've helped will remember your good deeds or even attend your funeral if you die. At least, you can wear a yohji suit and look stylish when your inside your coffin With yohji pieces sometimes I question if the...
I'm not a hot beverage drinker and i don't like coffee, but I like a cup of hot chocolate mixed with a spoon of peanut butter, occasionally (during the holidays)
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