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@bows In the fourth pic, it looks like you farted and accidentally pooped your pants and now you are trying to hide it by leaning your ass on the wall while you look behind you to see if someone is looking
ok, only if you send me one of your used boxer shorts ; ) )
Matt Lauer is dat chu
Pradaddy Mama Marc
tru dat. A gym membership helps. It had helped me improve my choices in clothing now that I'm a size XL which gives me more selections than when I was a XXL or higher. Bigger sizes also doesn't mean bigger bucks. You just have to go search in department stores like Macy's or any of your local department stores where they carry many selections and chances are you will find an item that is similar to a designer piece you have seen in the runway for lesser price and in your...
one word: colabear
Yay you got it! I just noticed from the pic that there's sort of a UK theme going on with the items I sent you and I didn't thought about it. Like the bag from Cambridge company which is the perfect size for an IPad. The Volume pin is from Tatty Devine who is UK based. The original Alfie is a British film and stars Michael Caine and the remake starring Jude Law who is also British. Finally, U2 is a British/Irish band. I was thinking of sending you a Kim Jones shirt, but...
pm me if you want the tracking number. You can contact your local ups and request to have your package stored at a nearby ups facility so you can pick up the package there if its convenient for you.
I tracked your package and you missed the first attempt of delivery.
Went to H&M tonight and bought this leather bag for $ 49
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