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I saw 4 movies during Thanksgiving weekend ( Life of Pi, Twilight, Lincoln) and Skyfall is by far the most entertaining of all 4
bag wise, yesclothing wise, no
this sounds fun. couple of questions: how does the giver and receiver get chosen? What if I'm including a DIY piece in my package which requires a bigger shipping box and my receiver is overseas, shipping will be crazy, no?
Beneshun, you just gave me an idea for my next DIY spoof. thanx
flower is good because it can be a sign of a man's confidence of being assured of his masculinity and also signals a woman that you want to de flower her if she still hasn't been. I like it because it just so pretty
adorable Beneshun!a couple bottles of beer and a line: "we are all animals", sometimes does the trickI'm such a needy bitch prolly coz of the weight I gained
Beneshun you don't have a mean face If you be teh ghey, I will be e stalking you right nowI figured a cute hat will make me look less of a dictator
yes, feels good on my nips
how can you chew and suck at the same time. never tried that before
nice jacket
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