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I went to Barneys to return something. Part 1: Cedar Hotel Part 2: Viagra Triangle Part 3: Hugo's Frog Bar Part 4: " I rike to return something prease "
it's Tuesday so I don't think the place will be busy to capture some action clips
I just got a new phone and its got a video camera in it. I'm gonna be playing with it and take some short clips around town today and I'll post them later. Any places (stores, restau, etc) in Chicago you guys would like to see?
this one is sexy and its only 88 dollars
Ashley wearing vintage Dior is my pick for best look last night.
the graduate projects from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago fashion design program were more interesting than the ones from Central Saint
late night at the parking garage...
some summer deets to keep me smelling good when the temps rises my summer album
trying out something
This Margiela leather is so sexy, someone who loves Margiela should kop it
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