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my Marc Jacobs DIY spoof piece is so dope that 3 of the components of the piece are coming from: Leenane Ireland, Paris, and Prato Italy. And to top it all off, the reveal of the piece will be photographed like an ad campaign by none other than TELLER himself
ok already got an idea. next up, Marc Jacobs I'm so excited for this. It's going to be a mix of artsy-fartsy meets grunge meets utilitarian- luxury. definitely the best one yet. this DIY spoof is so ambitious that it will prolly take two weeks to make instead of one. is gonna be good mengh
thank you. It's cotton/nylon blend
a DIY spoof of Yves Saint Laurent Hedi Fatmane for Yves Saint Nicholas "Wallstreet" moto jacket next up, Balmain, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, who knows?
DIY "Wallstreet" moto jacket: Hedi Fatmane for Yves Saint Nicholas chinos: Gap snakeskin embossed tote bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Brokeback Mountain Pig, Lumberjack Bear, or might just copy this Bear Ghost
cute outfit shah. it looks comfy and colorific. I would throw in an olive brown in there somewhere
Yves Saint Laurent
yes, I will be wearing it for Hollowtween
Either 1) Brokeback Mountain Pig: dressed like a cowboy with a pig snout and stuffed with a pillow on my back like a hunchback or 2) Lumberjack Bear: dressed like a lumberjack with a bear mask and a stuffed bear pinned on my back like a bearback
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