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thanks for the input. the jacket is meant to be a transitional piece so I can wear it from spring to summer as a layering piece without sweltering from the heat. I cropped the jacket so I can wear it with bold patterns such as the jumbo gingham shirt. I also wear it with my "birds of paradise" print polo shirt and my art deco print shirt. It's just a fun piece for layering.
@noobizor: shirt is supposed to mimic 80s preppy with only the sleeve part attached to the shoulders. should be a woman's hand grabbing the cock bulge area?
@LTTP: I'm glad I made you type the question @ sistr: someone's gotta wear it @ thanks, shirt is too big on me now. I have to take in an inch and a half at the side seams.
jacket: DIY cropped trench jacket shirt: DIY gingham shirt w/ draped knit sleeves jeans: Gap standard fit shoes: Polo Ralph Lauren brogues
awwwwwwww this pic made my day......loooove
who doesn't like a Marc Jacobs bag...he he:D
this is cute. I'd wear this whole outfit in like (snaps finger) a second.I would love to have the corduroy jacket lined in sheep's fur and I'm back in high school.
you can be a poster boy for Marc by Marc Jacobs
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