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how cute is this scarf?!
this is a beautiful balance of art and function.
Abercrombie is making a resurgence. Next thing you know they will start dong collabs like Alber for Abercrombie, Nigel Cabourn for Abercrombie.
I agree. I like the new Brad "lite" better than the former Brad with all the Roberto Cavalli/ Dolce & Gabana thing going on that looks like something Snooky would wear. As for me, as a result of my progressing weight loss, I feel like I am producing more testosterone. I mean like I haven't felt like more of a man than I ever felt before. So my style is changing from less fashiony to a more matcho, more butch me. I went to Abercrombie & Fitch last week to purchase Fierce...
you shoul get this in black. Don't know if it's 100% cashmere though
what is this Junya awesomeness doing on the floor?! This deserves a fit pic
I had a great time at the Madonna concert. I went by myself and was sandwiched between an Asian twink and a white otter. End of story
good job thatguymj and smash window
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