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SASQUATCHFABRIX EOTOTO...just felt like saying it
Spring, when will you be arriving? I can't wait to start doing some DIY. Visvim, Nigel Cabourn, Robert Geller, I am thinking of you
Joan Crawford muchhttp://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=upc8wWI6F7Y&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dupc8wWI6F7Y
my new dawgy, his name is Bastian
It's Good Friday and I made a bento box Itadakimasu
well sorry if my fashionista lingo annoys you. It's meant to be funny and not so serious just like what fashion should be. I wasn't trying to be like that show, just giving a suggestion to Regis. I think you are just jelly that I think he looks hot and you are....not:foo:
that sucks Nineohtoo. I have put everything you sent me in good use. Those treats fom Vallerios were so yummy that when my brother took a trip to SF recently, I told him to get me some eats there. Have you tried their pimiento bread? sooo good. Pm me your address I want to send you a care package
No, I wasn't kidding and I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable by this comment but I think you are a very appealing guy (no homo) and you can pull off wearing many things that most of us here just can't. Having said that, that doesn't mean those shirts I suggested are tacky or too loud, I mean Christopher Bailey did come up with those designs. I just think they will compliment your Latin flavor. I saw you posted a recent floral print Margiela shirt that you just...
Regis can totally pull off those shirts. the short sleeve one paired with white jeans during the day and the long sleeve one with black jeans at night. You need to get out of Michigan of the USA and visit places like Madrid, Rome, Mexico City, and look at all teh mengh that inhabit those places to understand why those shirts will look good on him, but then again even if he is of Latin heritage, those shirts might not be his taste. I think you guys are too young to...
Regis I think you should kop a printed shirt from Burberry Prorsum this season. I think these would look good on you
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