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kind of oldmaybe if you didn't crop the head it will look kind of young
'talian 'tallion
didn't expect that kind of comment from you Shah : (whales are living creatures too you know
top outfit looks comfortable for lounging around the house.the light blue popover shirt looks nice but instead of jeans maybe wear it with chinos instead.You have a good looking physique so why not use it and wear better fitting clothes?
I like thishttp://www1.macys.com/shop/product/ralph-lauren-jacket-cadwell-quilted-bomber-jacket?ID=715256&PartnerID=LINKSHARE&cm_mmc=LINKSHARE-_-5-_-62-_-MP562&LinkshareID=J84DHJLQkR4-OPP6OKPqY6.WrEnnzszB0Q
thanks for the input. the jacket is meant to be a transitional piece so I can wear it from spring to summer as a layering piece without sweltering from the heat. I cropped the jacket so I can wear it with bold patterns such as the jumbo gingham shirt. I also wear it with my "birds of paradise" print polo shirt and my art deco print shirt. It's just a fun piece for layering.
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