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yes, I will be wearing it for Hollowtween
Either 1) Brokeback Mountain Pig: dressed like a cowboy with a pig snout and stuffed with a pillow on my back like a hunchback or 2) Lumberjack Bear: dressed like a lumberjack with a bear mask and a stuffed bear pinned on my back like a bearback
thanks, but I was going for more of a Band of Insiders look than of a Junya Wannabepreppy lookshirt is loose like an anorak so it can be worn like a pullover. For some reason, the IPhone camera makes me look puffier@ snowman: thank you
a DIY spoof of Band of Outsiders. Band of Insiders oxford shirt w/ knit vest front next up, a DIY spoof of Yves Saint Laurent
DIY oxford shirt w/ knit vest front: Band of Insiders cropped hooded vest: Marni x H&M jeans: Polo Ralph Lauren boat wedge shoe: Timberland Abington bag: Prada bucket hat: Club Monaco
I agree, it's hyped up.I love it too. I also like this one from himI think Gucci Group is like Honey Boo Boo, money makes them holla. It's a disadvantage if they don't capitalize with the 40s to 90s considering YSL produces a diverse cache of products.
wow, some of the $12k RTW dresses are already sold out. This looks very plain to me. Is it because it's Hedi's first collection? I think if he turns YSL flavor similar to what he did with Dior men, it will not be good. I don't see YSL customers in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s would want to look like rockstars.
The Filson in navy looks nice
I was hanging at the malls you see
post a pic of your dad. I'm americano with filipino heritage
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