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used to like this as a kid. they even add a raw egg with this to drink like a milkshake
hahaha...no, I only stare at it during at night after my treadmill/taebo workout. soon I'll be converting to a Toj groupie.I do feel guilty right now for eating 2 donuts and feel lazy to T/T and just wanna watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special
besides a combination of diet and exercise, what also helps is to have a visual that can keep you motivated in your goal. For me, for example, I have an Abercrombie image that I look at to keep my eyes on the price
I saw the movie because I thought it would be similar to Brokeback Mountain after reading a synopsis of it. The movie starts out interesting. In particular, the scene of the half naked men wrestling on the sand and when JP character performed a sexual act on himself and on the sand made me thought that the movie will be homo erotic. Then as the movie progressed, the relationship between the two main characters didn't end up as what I was hoping for : ) The plot of the...
Happy Birthday, young one. where's the party!
@ noctone: jacket is dope man
the question is, are you as gifted as Michael Fassbender? If you know what I mean is the package packed? are you packing the package?
[[SPOILER]] [/quote]Missoni & Gelato! molto bello Italiano
I checked it out tonight in the downtown Chicago store. I wanted to see the tech blazer, but they were sold out of it. The rest of the outer wear only had a few size M and S. The orange Mark McNairy piece is pretty cool. The fabric feels like its water repellent so it will be great for winter. It also has a removable lining so it can be useful for spring and fall. For $178, this is a great buy because its well made.The wool cargo pant in grey and camouflage looks great...
@ Parker: need to show some calves and ink on your arm
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