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fall 2001, I believe it was only womenswear that was presented during the show and no menswear.
fyi the " little drummer boy" collection was fall 2002 and I don't think Richard Chai was working on that collection
The jacket is cute and I like the deets on it. I would just wear a simple crew sweater underneath or something with a pattern like an argyle sweater or stripey knits.I don't like the color of the shoes. Go with a brown or black, and finally, you look like Mark Ruffalo the actor who played the Hulk in the Avengers movie [[SPOILER]] [/quote]
mine is $45 hihi
my look for the summer will be best described as a greaser who goes on vacay at Manarola, Italy and also meets
I was looking for a waist length cotton jacket in a khaki color and I found this at yoox too will jazz it up with my Barena scarf
I haven't worn a pair of jack purcells for a loooong time. I got me some new ones in white snake and meee sooo hornay
I recently bought a leather tote by Beams+ from Mr.Porter. It's nice, I like it. Or this Marc Jacobs bag from the Corner
Just a random dog question, why do dogs like to lick on human hands? So I was waiting in line to pay for my shoes at a store when a pittbull terrier started licking my hand. I somewhat shrieked from the thought that the dog was gonna bite my hand but the dog owner noticed and pulled the dog away. I was so grossed out. I hurriedly went to the restroom to wash my hands.
at first glance, I thought your room was a clothing store
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