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I really wanna get some Carven pieces like the embroidered polos and cute cardis but they fit sooo small. If I can fit in them, Ami and Carven would be my wardrobe staples for spring and summer.
yeah, it's becoming my fave Japanese restau next to Ginza. I got there yesterday at around 2:50, 10 minutes before the end of the lunch service so I had the place all for myself and a family sitting nearby at the communal table. Speaking of taking your GF there occasionally, Strange Love by Koop was playing while I was enjoying my katsudon hehe...yeah so the atmosphere there can be quiet romantic, especially when it's not crowdedhttp://vimeo.com/33675992
I went there last night just to have some Ramen. They have the best Ramen, I had the soy sauce ramen combo with the ikura rice. I also had a taste for tako yuki but they were sold out so i just bought some of these apple shaped dinner rolls filled with chunks of apples, omg they are sooo yummy and cute tooTe katsudon and karaage are from slurping turtle
and sum pua gra chicken karaage...suki suki now
a bowl of katsudon...oishii a Japanese street style magazine...kakkoii
Marc Jacobs x2 Tommy Hilfiger Gap Clarks
cool jacket mr. Mok. I like the different colors of the patch pockets and the hat is a nice touch
Friday night date night? Maybe this look from Marc Jacobs Fall 2008; sweatpants for extra comfort and easy removal
Ok, that didn't sound right. Let me rephraseNerd who's trying to be friends with the jocks. Now that he's buddy buddy with the jocks, he attracts the girls and scores
I don't know if its just me but Casey you look very blooming lately like your face is getting more handsome and handsomer as you age; the cleft chin is also hot I've seen this look here so many times that to me it's like fart, ok it passed..next. Maybe if you add a little personal style like you seem like studious to me with your glasses so if you wear a plaid shirt such as, you can play the part of a nerd who's trying to be friends with the jocks type of look who is a...
New Posts  All Forums: