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nah...you look good! I remember a couple of years ago when I start lurking around here, you used to wear jackets with shorts look, you were a little chubby, yet cute back then. Now you morphed into seksi. teach me
Moo, you're getting more and more skinny, I'm jelly
I think the boots are fine Ben.
you go say it jeTyra!
I bought the Ami "birds" cap because my inspiration or my motivation is to fly high like a bird not like Nelly Furtado or Bette Midler, but more like Superman Man of Steel. My goal is by the time the movie comes out, I would have shed a lot of weight in time for summer so I can peacock, I mean fly
jacket with a tee like John Waite in the music video also looks cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw-EHzK9LgY&feature=youtube_gdata_player
I want the shirt too but too bad I don't have the body so I have to settle with the cap.
looking forward to spring Barena Venezia scarf in red/cream Ami cap in navy
I think it will be cool if we do this bi annually. During the summer, there's many farmers market and outdoor fairs that sell goodies and cool stuffs that you can't find during the winter. So yeah I'll be in if there's a swap this summer.
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