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my favorite part of PE is during the end of the period when the coach yells " hit the showers!"
mussels Marc Jacobs
I will be shipping my package this Monday so beware my lovaaaa bwahahahahahaha
is this a bootskakke?
shiny & mysterious
recent purchase inspired by cutey
the only saving grace for me in this movie is the part when Fantine was singing about her miserable life in the beginning of the movie. I was miserable through out the movie because of several annoying movie-goers. So my brother and I watched it Christmas day and the theater was packed. I was sitted at the first seat next to the aisle. Before the start of the movie, this girl well not a little girl but more like in her twenties who was sitting behind me kept getting up her...
The Lord of the Rings trilogy is my most favorite movie ever so the Hobbit easily is my fave movie this year...the best!
last time it was trannies and now shoe fetish?
cute. this is how I want my bf to dress like
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