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luv Daniela Gregis
who wore it best? I'd say Bows
they should have made a bag, like a nice duffle from Mark McNairy
I looked at it again, and I really really like it. This collection is a great mix. It basically sums up a perfect example of a guy's wardrobe from casual to dressed up and from basic staples to more fashion forward pieces. just awesome. this is my favorite piece, technical blazer from Mark McNairy
is this a going to work fit? If not, I'll switch the button down with a grey crewneck sweater or wear one over it just to disrupt the flow of all wovens. Other than that, it looks handsome.
Brad, I bet if Gap collaborates with Roberto Cavalli or Dolce & Gabbana, you'll be all over it
I love how each designer showed pieces that perfectly defines their design philosophy. There's so many things I want to buy from this, so many great pieces
how cute is this scarf?!
this is a beautiful balance of art and function.
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