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last week I wanted to get this sweater from Marc Jacobs. They have my size in the store but its on hold for someone and the sales associate said its gonna be on hold for a while because this customer was sick. This week, I called the store if the sweater was sold, however it's still on hold. Me thinks they are holding the sweater until it goes on sale next week. I can't believe they can actually hold items for 3 weeks!
Light weight printed poplin shirts from Reyn Spooner my leather bags get too heavy and warm during the summer and the leather shoulder straps ruin my light weight shirts and knits so I I bought a nylon Prada which will be my last bag purchase for a while. I also enjoyed shopping at Prada...the sales associate was so nice and cute
wearing my fave Bicurious shirt deets: calico print
I saw Gatsby last week which is you know...patriotic so I went the opposite, MediterraneanI saw Star Trek yesterday which is you know...futuristic so I went the opposite, Nostalgicdressing like what you are watching in the movies is so tacky, I want to add an element of surprise
are you even listening to me! I DON'T WEAR BLACKmenace is the least that I'm trying to project in my outfit, it more like it like fun, sweet, easy
Henry, style technician, excuse me for my outfit choice, but I only went to the mall and the movies afterwards so should I be wearing like a blazer or a black suit Helmut Lang ensemble?
because ciggies are for skinnies and I ain't one of them
"black leather and wearing all black ninja ensembles is the worst taste, not because its the easiest way to look cool or chic, but because it makes you look like you smell like cigarrets" - me 5/21/13
kidney stones in heaven do not miss the angry
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