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Tommy, Marc, & Ralph
haha I know how to do that, but it doesn't show the desired results
nah...you look good! I remember a couple of years ago when I start lurking around here, you used to wear jackets with shorts look, you were a little chubby, yet cute back then. Now you morphed into seksi. teach me
Moo, you're getting more and more skinny, I'm jelly
I think the boots are fine Ben.
you go say it jeTyra!
I bought the Ami "birds" cap because my inspiration or my motivation is to fly high like a bird not like Nelly Furtado or Bette Midler, but more like Superman Man of Steel. My goal is by the time the movie comes out, I would have shed a lot of weight in time for summer so I can peacock, I mean fly
jacket with a tee like John Waite in the music video also looks cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw-EHzK9LgY&feature=youtube_gdata_player
I want the shirt too but too bad I don't have the body so I have to settle with the cap.
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