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Hi guys! So I'm thinking of starting my own little clothing company. So far I have an idea for a logo and a brand. It's gonna be called Colaver pronounced KLAVER with a silent O and strong E. The symbol of our logo is 3 connected letter C and a small letter V that forms a shape of a 3 leaf clover please don't tell me it looks like a micropenis
I'm in love with Shura's debut album Nothing's Real. I feel like back in HS when listening to it My current jam right now:
Hi guys! I've been doodling around an idea for a short sleeve popover shirt with a decorative placket in a shape of a phallus, sort of like a man's version of a décolleté. The length of the phallus placket can be customized depending on your liking or needs. I'm also thinking of doing a contrasting fabric for the shirt body ( yellow oxford cloth) and the phallus placket ( pink poplin). Pardon my drawing since I haven't sketch for ages.
Thank you, it's my fave right now and the leather is so smoothI got this billfold wallet during the Barneys sales that I use along with the bag
DIY shirt Gap shorts Timberland boots Balenciaga bag
Huh...wut? I'm trying to analyze the role/character in the costume he's wearing, but can't do it without the shoes
what part do you play? more importantly, wut shoes you wearing?
I like the jacket and pants but worn separately. Craving for sushi now
I would remove the shawl collar shirt and the henley underneath and just wear a black tank and the vest. You got the physique for it anyway
Wore it today with one of my DIY shirts and it actually works. Several people gave me weird looks, complimented by a couple of people and one girl pointed at me and says pika pika so to each his own
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