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@ el colonello : ) You must be a really really smart man to own and I assume have read all the books in your book shelf
^ reminds me of the minions look
This is what happens when you're on a treadmill and start busting a dance move coz the music is hot. Coincidentally, I was listening to Pretty Poison's Catch Me I'm Falling, but unfortunately no one caught me and I say bye bye to my shorts looks for the summer Catch Me, I'm Falling http://youtu.be/hCE0UVmLeq4
Yohji Phillip Lim Marc Jacobs
is this right across garret popcorn on Ontario street?
it's easy to notice one's faults
can you eat this while you are there
is there a subliminal message in the reflection of the red flask on the crotch area? thirsty? [/quote]
me too.The Thai toast is uninspired, bland, and generic, and the skykom is very I dunno, Euro?
Not everyone has a budget or available time traveling to Tokyo or Paris, but you can still have a quick escape from your tiring daily routine. By wearing "getaway" clothes, trying out a new ethnic cuisine, and experiencing culture via a trip to the museum or a cinema, you can have a mini vacay in the comfort and convenience of your own town. Feeling the cool breeze of Nantucket and the warmth of the sunshine from a walk in the Louvre in Paris, this is what inspired this...
New Posts  All Forums: