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No need for those when I can have fresh live ones anytime of day. I did get something to symbolize the after effects of such activityroar baby roar
They say Big Things Come In Small Packages, but I prefer big packages any guessesess?
It's been so long since the last time I visited this forum that it feels like I'm new to Styleforum and the last time I was here, I was still never been touched, but not anymore. http://youtu.be/s__rX_WL100
hai guys...long time no see...I've been hanging out at the Madonna Nation forum lately would you care for a reveal?
so I did a little closet organizing and found a lot of Marc Jacobs bags and I'm getting rid of 1 or 2 of em and a couple marc jacobs scarf. My little bros not into fashion and I don't really have a lot of good friends who deserve a Marc Jacobs bag, and I don't really wanna sell so I'm thinking of doing a fit challenge and it's inspired by Marc Jacobs of course. The sales associate at the Marc Jacobs store said they are discontinuing the mens line and I'm really pissed...
I like al tang soup, the spyshe, the better
Ay Dios mio nooooooooooooooo!
So Hedi is showing during LA fashion week?
How come there is no Saint Lauren show in Paris and Marc Jacobs presentation in Milan this season?
meet "Puffy Chulo", he's an orange nylon puffer jacket with smooth chocolate calfskin sleeves, chocolate beaver fur collar, and adjustable hood He'll keep you warm day and night; he cool like dat
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