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speaking of Pharrell, I just scored a Billionaire Boys Club x Harris Tweed varsity jacket with silver leather sleeves at Nordy Rack
I don't think it's just being overweight though.apparently, not many of you have dealt with this issue or have seen a discoloration of the inner thighs. Should I post a visual?
Dark Inner Thighs how to prevent them? Recently, I've been noticing a discoloration on my inner thigh area (like a light brown color). I've heard that what causes this is the friction from your skin rubbing like when wearing tight jeans or wearing briefs instead of boxers. I wore boxers since junior high but I started wearing briefs a few years ago when my gut started getting big and my boxers would just fall off because of it. Thoughts about it?
Eeewww gross it looks like a vahg. I dunno if you are into that I mean in a real vahg not a backpack that looks like vahg
DO NOT CUT IT !stylistically it looks nicer with the leather collar covering the nape of your head; it has this organic shape that's also seen in the extra volume at the elbow of the sleeves. That's why you pay the premium for dick. Functionally it will keep your head/neck area warmer during the cold weather. Who cares if it looks like an extra foreskin. That's why they call it Dick Ovens right. teh girls dig the extra foreskin am I right?
spring is finally here woohooo http://youtu.be/aLtsPDJn4RE
huhghhhnnnngh http://youtu.be/17ncjryCCss
At first you're looking like the boy next door with your smart eyeglasses and handsome blue shirt so modest and classythen off the blue shirt, hide the face with the puppy eyes, show some white boy biceps looking a little slutty like a cholo
Noob, it's colabear (1 word) I saw Budapest Hotel too, it was good. I've seen all of Wes Anderson movies since Rushmore. Love his art direction, production, and costumes. I'm just afraid that if I see Nympho, I will feel super horny afterwards
I saw Divergent recently, it was fine but I think it needed more special effects It was also interesting to see local places made to look post apocalyptic as the story is set in Chicago. Nympho is also playing in a theater near me. Should I go see it?
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