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maybe they are wrapping it nicely, making the package look pretty, tying with a red big bow. It's Saint Laurent after all. what did you buy guapo?
I'm talking about her daughter.Institchy, even though he is baby-faced, is not my type. I like Mediterranean looks
Frye woven leather chukkas
what a cutey pie
is he not thinking that by posting a close up face photo of himself that by some chance that someone a guy or a girl might have an urge of kissing him on the computer screen without him knowing. It's like catfish you know
ok, that is cool. maybe for next time if you want another shirt and tie option for this jacket and pants.
I'm Visviming a shirt and I want to get shoes that have an artisanal flavor like something from Visvim but they cost too much I'm thinking of getting these
charming but it can also be sweet if you switch with a pink shirt and orange tie
I did that look in the mid 90s when I was in junior high.@RXS can can you at least photoshop Michael Fassbender or James Franco driving
I like the Visvim shoes. I want one.for me, I would wear a more lighter wash of denim or I would loose the shirt and wear a grey knit or a flecked light blue knit.I would also loose the sunglasses because your hair is soo well groomed.
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