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a little boho DIY jacket: felted wool, cotton twill DIY shirt: printed cotton, cotton chambray Territory Ahead sweater: flecked cotton Gap jeans: black denim Timberland boots: black leather Marc Jacobs bag: grey suede Flecked & Floral eating healthily lobster roll, chowda, slaw Gallery Aesthete: racks and racks of Rick, Raf, and Rad want Jil's Mondrian-esque cardi
I saw this brown leather croc embossed leather sneakers by Jimmy Choos at Nordy Rack for a bargain price of $299 down from $900. I don't know if I should get it. But I'm afraid that if I wear it in the subway and some dumb slacker accidentally stepped on it, I will have to eloquate the most dreaded line of a fashionista: " YOU RUINED MY JIMMY CHOOS SHOES!"
where do we go from here this isn't where we intended to be we had it all, you believed in me I believed in you Certainties disappear What do we do for our dream to survive? How do we keep all our passions alive, as we used to do?
sssssshhhhhh...movie is playing
I had Vanilla for lunch so I'm going for choclit tonight thus Dajango
now that you all have seen mine ( flaccid), is it fair or appropriate for me from now on to look at you alls hihihi
my Heattech long johns feels so warm and toasty...soooo comfy pirated movies and a cup of noodles night....sooo cozy and a tub of love as sweet as Jewel
I like my balls. I almost lost one when I was around 5 years old, I was playing and jumping on an old mattress and one of the spring broke and hit my balls. Luckily it missed the testes and just punctured the skin and had 2 inch stitches. The mark is not visible now which is great because I like it nice and fluffy
I remember as young as 8 years old that I was very particular with the way I dress. There was a funny story when one time I had to go to a friends birthday party and I chose and my mom bought this white t shirt with a graphic design of sailboats in neon colors painted with acrylic paint. It was very 80s and it kinda reminds me of Prada Spring 2005. Anyway, I wanted to wear this t shirt with this particular pair of light blue denim jeans but the jeans was still damp from...
yup, I gained some weight back, but not completely everything. Since Thanksgiving week up to now Fat Tuesday, I have not dieted and exercised because I was busy during the holidays being in the Restau biz and holiday parties with too much good food. I'm on vacay this whole week but not going anywhere so I think I'm going to get back in track starting tomorrow. The jacket is fully lined in sheep's fur and the grey cable knit sweater is kinda thick so that adds to me...
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