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They also had this style that looks like a Belstaff but didn't want to get 2 leather jackets and I let someone else get the good deal
since I couldn't resist and bought the Marc Jacobs leather messenger bag on sale, I had to exchange the Prada nylon messenger bag I bought two weeks earlier to a nylon tote. with the leather jacket, it feels like mid 90s again
Originally $500 and was marked down 3x to $120 and minus 40% off Memorial Day sale went down to $72 plus tax= $80 plus some change Lucky Brand store
lol..4est is way cuter than Woody and plus I don't think he's into Asian girls half his age
I don't usually wear leather jackets, but the price on this is too good to pass Can you guess how much? A) $80 B) $120 C) $800 D) $1200
oooh chicago meetup sounds fun did you go to Big Star?
I got 2 of my favorite pieces from the Marc Jacobs sale sweater bag
it will be interesting to see how you would style this. post fit pic please
inspiration: Marc Jacobs Spring 2002 deets
I got this for 80 bucks! Not him, the leather jacket. best bargain purchase ever
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