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I don't believe I've seen those. They only have the ones I shown with the sneaker soles in 3 different colors ( black, brown, blue) all size 13
My local Nordy Rack has a cool selection of shoes right now Jimmy Choo Lanvin Prada I got a pair of Ruby Red New Balance sneakers (clicks sneaks 3x) "there's no place like home"
a little boho DIY jacket: felted wool, cotton twill DIY shirt: printed cotton, cotton chambray Territory Ahead sweater: flecked cotton Gap jeans: black denim Timberland boots: black leather Marc Jacobs bag: grey suede Flecked & Floral eating healthily lobster roll, chowda, slaw Gallery Aesthete: racks and racks of Rick, Raf, and Rad want Jil's Mondrian-esque cardi
I saw this brown leather croc embossed leather sneakers by Jimmy Choos at Nordy Rack for a bargain price of $299 down from $900. I don't know if I should get it. But I'm afraid that if I wear it in the subway and some dumb slacker accidentally stepped on it, I will have to eloquate the most dreaded line of a fashionista: " YOU RUINED MY JIMMY CHOOS SHOES!"
where do we go from here this isn't where we intended to be we had it all, you believed in me I believed in you Certainties disappear What do we do for our dream to survive? How do we keep all our passions alive, as we used to do?
sssssshhhhhh...movie is playing
I had Vanilla for lunch so I'm going for choclit tonight thus Dajango
now that you all have seen mine ( flaccid), is it fair or appropriate for me from now on to look at you alls hihihi
my Heattech long johns feels so warm and toasty...soooo comfy pirated movies and a cup of noodles night....sooo cozy and a tub of love as sweet as Jewel
I like my balls. I almost lost one when I was around 5 years old, I was playing and jumping on an old mattress and one of the spring broke and hit my balls. Luckily it missed the testes and just punctured the skin and had 2 inch stitches. The mark is not visible now which is great because I like it nice and fluffy
New Posts  All Forums: