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@ noctone: jacket is dope man
the question is, are you as gifted as Michael Fassbender? If you know what I mean is the package packed? are you packing the package?
[[SPOILER]] [/quote]Missoni & Gelato! molto bello Italiano
I checked it out tonight in the downtown Chicago store. I wanted to see the tech blazer, but they were sold out of it. The rest of the outer wear only had a few size M and S. The orange Mark McNairy piece is pretty cool. The fabric feels like its water repellent so it will be great for winter. It also has a removable lining so it can be useful for spring and fall. For $178, this is a great buy because its well made.The wool cargo pant in grey and camouflage looks great...
@ Parker: need to show some calves and ink on your arm
I saw The Master tonight and this thread reminds me of it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJ1O1vb9AUU&feature=youtube_gdata_player
luv Daniela Gregis
who wore it best? I'd say Bows
they should have made a bag, like a nice duffle from Mark McNairy
I looked at it again, and I really really like it. This collection is a great mix. It basically sums up a perfect example of a guy's wardrobe from casual to dressed up and from basic staples to more fashion forward pieces. just awesome. this is my favorite piece, technical blazer from Mark McNairy
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