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I just got home and opened my package from Mr. Porter. It's my first time purchasing frrom them and was impressed with the service and quick delivery. I placed my order Tuesday afternoon and received the package this afternoon. I got this leather tote from Beams + I'm not familiar with the brand. All I know is it's made in Japan so I think it might be well made. However my first impression is that the quality of the leather is so so and looks like something you can buy...
you know, just the other day I took the subway and it was packed like ass to ass bumping tight. There's 3 really good looking guys, I think they're models from out of town who started asking me places to go in the city. So I started having a conversation with them and they even asked me to join them, but I was too shy so my point is. You might think you know colabear but If you meet me outside of SF, you wouldn't think I'm colabear and when you get to know colabear, you...
In college, I was bright, light, and breezy but never joined a fraternity coz I don't think I can handle the hazing from a group of jocks (giggles)
so you have a tiny winky
I'm 26 too Teger
Dorje you rook rike Mark Ruffalo
teh Vans
thanks sweety
the last time I tucked in my shirts was when I wore uniforms in catholic elementary school
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