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"black leather and wearing all black ninja ensembles is the worst taste, not because its the easiest way to look cool or chic, but because it makes you look like you smell like cigarrets" - me 5/21/13
kidney stones in heaven do not miss the angry
I've seen this camo suit before from Comme, McQueen, and many other designers as well. It might not appeal to some of you, but there is a customer for this suit and he would know when and where he will wear it.I personally like it and NYR carries it well. As a whole suit, it's a statement piece for sure and as separates, both pieces are versatile.I would wear the jacket with khaki pants, light pink shirt and orange tie. The pants with a grey knit.thanks T
Some of you here wear blazers and office-cy things in your backyards and railroad tracks and stuff, I could never comprehend. Also leather jackets during the summer. Oh and the stylezeitgeist look, in my opinion doesn't work on "real" men, that's how the girls at the cosmetics department at Barneys all dress.
things like what?different strokes for different folks. and fyi, I got several compliments on the shirt from a sales associate at Ralph Lauren, some guy in the movie theater so yeah, I guess it looks OK in reality
Seattle Sutton meals for the next 3 months...bleh
Jet, I'm going to LA last week of August. Can you take me in a tour around town
I need a new background location, I know
hi jet. there, I noticed you. I hope you're
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