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DIY brown oxford shirt w/ contrast floral print sleeves Gap navy blue cotton cargo shorts Frye grey woven leather chukkas shirt deets
Teapot, is that the Nordstrom Rack near Michigan Avenue?
I can't wait to see Man of Steel ! dude wearing vintage Marc Jacobs Superman cashmere sweater
the material of the bucket hat and jacket is too matchy-matchy. Maybe a bucket hat with a print. The shirt is too dressy for the look you are going for and the belt looks office-cy. Maybe a brown leather belt with a rustic look with like a braided detail or a D ring buckle. Maybe suede chukkas or a plain leather oxford shoes.
I like the jacket it's cute. What's the maker?
happy birthday Tweeny
after dinner, I got stuck in traffic for a good 20 minutes because of a naked bicyclist parade. Never seen so much flopping deeks in my life
artisanal-artificial, handmade-manmade, fromage frais
It looks better when worn like in this pic. And what I like about it is its not heavy but will still be warm for winter. Also the weathered/ lived in look of the leather is great because I think a great leather jacket has to have history like you've worn it so many times during many life experiences and situation that it has become a part of you like a second skin. That's why I don't like wearing leather jackets because of this, you need to have a certain persona to make a...
it's cool that something as simple as a cashmere scarf can inspire ideas of what items of clothing you would want to buy.That's why many designers nowadays are pushing for more accessories because they are more affordable than actual garments and you get more use of it. You can buy 2 or 3 scarves to update or change the look of your coat and it is more affordable than buying a new coat every year or vice versa, a particular style of scarf can inspire someone to buy certain...
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