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ok I'm in XL W 40 size 13
just keep posting fit pics, Ben. And for others who don't like it, then don't look at his fit pic or don't comment. As simple as that.
I admire how you casually said you had ass last night like you are just describing what you ate last night. So jealous of you for that. Me, I just had pad Thai. By the way, you didn't by chance had pad Thai flavored ass last night didn't you? Yum yum...or may I say Tom yum yum soup spicy and delish
US English is my third language, I don't understand what you mean by creeping. Is that when you are making sweet stuff
luv this jacket with all th zip pockets with zipper pull detail. It would be fun to hang one or two Prada tricks on them. Those zip pockets can also be quite usefull like for traveling or during a night out. The zip pockets on the sleeve for condoms...hehehe. Anyway, I would wear this jacket over something more substantial and with some graphic detail like thesePrada robot tricks hanging on the zipper pullsMargiela x H&M sweater, both shirts from Mr PorterYou is only...
Your thoughts about Balenciaga? Nicolas left Balenciaga. Some are saying he is moving to LVMH, rival of PPR who owns Balenciaga. Some are saying Nicolas G. Was not happy because PPR is pressuring him to be more commercial. Nicolas creative vision is what drives the sales of handbags, accessories, and perfumes. It's what makes everyone dream of Balenciaga. If he becomes less creative with the ready to wear collection, people might loose their appetite for Balenciaga....
I don't think I'll be doing DIY coz I don't think I'll have the time. Any extra time and energy I'll be having the following weeks will be focused on exercising which I haven't done the past 3 weeks. The only exercising I've been doing lately is with my mouth. Anyway too much information. I'll think about it and decide by deadline. If I don't join I'll just be a backup for the ones who flaked and send a care package.
Titanic never gets old. Watching it right now playing on hbo
that's what I like about you, Ben. You actually remind me of my younger brother. But that outfit is not fashionable and does not do you justice
Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic for men? I don't mean to insult, but that's the first thought that came to mind. Maybe the pants might look ok as part of suit but in this outfit worn with a sweater, button down, and a printed bow tie, it looks old fashioned. I like the personality that your look evokes with the old fashioned clothing and metrosexual grooming, but it's a little too much with the bling bling watch and earrings. This look also ages you tremendously. a...
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